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How easy would it be to see a skirt like this?

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JenniMoo Sat 15-Mar-14 07:47:01

I would love to wear a dress this shape to a wedding in April but I'm BFing so need boob access! I wondered about making a skirt and getting/ making a matching top.

Am I right in thinking it's just a circle skirt? So I could follow the tutorials where you cut a doughnut shape and stitch elastic to the top?

Oldraver Sat 15-Mar-14 20:57:58

The skirt part of the dress is gathered onto the bodice and doesn't look like a full circle skirt, but you could get a similar effect by making a circle skirt.

BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Sat 15-Mar-14 21:17:07

Have you tried Vivien of Holloway? She does a dress with a crossover front called the Grace

Failing that,a circle skirt and a wrap round top

JenniMoo Sun 16-Mar-14 10:00:05

That dress is beautiful! I think I should do the sensible thing and buy something ican wear for work or separates, and come back to the tea dresses when my boobs are all mine again! I might try sewing a circle skirt for summer, though.

LatteLady Mon 17-Mar-14 14:02:29

I agree with oldraver, this is not quite a full circle skirt, it is gathered to fit onto the bodice.

Right firstly the negatives, full circles are a swine to hem, even using bias binding as they have doen here, it takes forever to hand sew and you need to be pretty steady handed to machine it. Forget the elasticated waist unless you want to look like Lumpy Latimer, it will not lie properly. Go with a a proper waist band for a better fit and professional finish.

Then depending on how you want to wear it, you may need to pop a stiff net petticoat underneath it to bulk it out, too.

And the positive are, of course you can make it, give yourself plenty of time and enjoy every moment smile

JenniMoo Mon 17-Mar-14 16:21:48

Thanks for the info lattelady. I think in going to skip that project but would love to sew a simple skirt for summer, perhaps a proper paper pattern one. I've just got to find time to concentrate on it and find a pattern I like...

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