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right. how do i respond to this?

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ThatVikRinA22 Wed 12-Feb-14 01:35:28

i recently placed a large order from a craft supplier in the UK, one of the items i ordered was a Linda Myers cross stitch chart. My order totalled over £80.
When the chart arrived it looked like a terrible quality photocopy, of the 8 pages 4 were done double sided meaning it was impossible to assemble the chart to work out where to start....the remaining pages were single sided.
some of the page numbers were obscured.
i had to recopy the whole thing (i dont have a printer so had to pay for the copies)

i emailed the supplier and stated that i had paid £8.99 for the chart and told them of my experience with it.

They said they would forward my email to their supplier.
Today i got a reply - they forwarded the reply from their supplier direct to me.
they are apparently offended (!)
they dont photocopy anything and get the charts from the designer her self. apparently.
the reply to a simple complaint was ridiculous. offensive? really? my email was polite and simple, stating that i was disappointed with the chart which i found i had to re copy and then put together from the cover photo because the numbers were missing on the pages.

i said i was aware that the designer has given some outlets permission to copy old designs that are out of print.

i tempted to tell them to stick it up their arse needle first actually and that i wont offend them further with my orders....

i am slightly premenstrual. grin

so. i drafted a reply but before i send i being daft?

was going to send a short and sweet reply along these lines....

"thank you for posting to me your suppliers reply, although if they can be so offended by a simple complaint i do question how their business operates....part of business is handling customer dissatisfaction and customer complaints.
I have also messaged the designer and am also awaiting a reply. I do wonder why some pages were double sided and some not, and i am aware that some suppliers DO photocopy old designs with permission from the designer.
That said I will not patronise your supplier with further orders in case I cause further offence."

i will emit the bit about sticking the order up their arse needles first.....

are all crafting types this sensitive?

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 12-Feb-14 01:35:52


omit. gawd....

HectorVector Wed 12-Feb-14 07:56:50

The double sidedness wouldn't be a problem to me because cross stitch patterns often arrive double sided in my experience. But I too would be rather annoyed and I would persevere with the website in order to get a refund. Can you leave a bad review (if there is a reviews section). I personably never reorder from websites that let me down in some way (unlike shops - if Tesco mess you around, you still go back the following week).

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