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Can anyone help with a Simplicity sewing pattern please?

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Flossyfloof Sat 01-Feb-14 18:14:32

This is such a basic question but I haven't made anything from a pattern for 20+ years and I have no idea!
I am pinning out my pattern. Do I fold the fabric so that I am pinning onto the wrong side or the right side? Would really appreciate your advice please. I am guessing that you fold right sides together - but have just realised I have cut the largest piece already with wrong sides together!!

HectorVector Sat 01-Feb-14 18:18:19

Doesn't it say on the pattern? Not much help sorry, but I was sure it normally says on the pattern.

Actually I'm even beginning to wonder if it matters. You're just cutting right?

Am I missing something completely here?

ChippyMinton Sat 01-Feb-14 18:19:54

Yes, it should show you on the cuting layout in the instructions.

Flossyfloof Sat 01-Feb-14 18:21:48

I have only pinned one piece; it is on the fold. Is that relevant, I wonder?? I am not sure that it does matter but I daren't cut any more, just in case! The cat is sprawling all over it at the moment anyway. I did look on the pattern but I think it is so obvious that they don't say. I can't see it, anyway. Thanks for trying!

Flossyfloof Sat 01-Feb-14 18:26:07

I don't think it says but I will go and have another look, thanks.

HectorVector Sat 01-Feb-14 18:26:18

So long as you get the fold in the right place, whether it's wrong sides together or right sides together it shouldn't matter. It's the same, just turn it around after cutting. Obviously when it comes to sewing the rights sides and wrong sides become very important but surely not for the cutting.

ChippyMinton Sat 01-Feb-14 18:28:06

If it's on the fold it shouldbe ok, as it's symmetrical. Is there no cutting layout though? Surely you need to refer to it to make sure you fit all the pieces on? And don't forget to follow the direction arrows, so that the pattern is the right way up on each piece.

What are you making?

Flossyfloof Sat 01-Feb-14 18:42:10

It does say it. In quite big letters, actually. Still not sure how much it matters but as another cat is now sprawled on it, drying off as he has just been outside, I don't think any of it will matter in the end as it will all be bloody covered in mud and cat hair.

HectorVector Sat 01-Feb-14 18:49:37


LatteLady Tue 04-Feb-14 12:55:36

Flossy, only just seen this... perhaps an old blog I wrote might help you

how to use a paper pattern and Sewing up from a paper pattern]]

Flossyfloof Fri 07-Feb-14 06:54:02

That's lovely, thank you! I did, I am afraid, make the baaaaad mistake of just getting cracking rather than sitting down and reading the instructions first.

tb Wed 19-Feb-14 12:57:53

Normally, the fabric is folded down the middle with the right sides inside when you buy it.

I've always used it like that unless you need to unfold and refold to pin a particular piece.

sunshinenanny Wed 19-Feb-14 21:43:24

I think it really only matters if you are cutting individual pieces so you don't end up with 2 left or 2 right pieces when you are supposed to have 1of each. always a good idea to read the instructions if you are not proficienthmm

ishouldcocoa Sat 01-Mar-14 14:30:56


Firstly, check which pattern size you are doing, then what width fabric you're using, and then which style you're doing.

Open up instructions and find the corresponding layout instructions based on the info (above). 'SL' normally means selvedge, and in the key, you'll see if the fabric is the right or wrong way round, depending on how its shaded on the instruction diagram.

I hope that helps. My sewing teacher tells me to check twice and cut once. Half the time, I think you need a degree in pattern reading to get anywhere with those things.

Flossyfloof Sun 02-Mar-14 18:53:25

Well I am pleased to report that I have finished my garment! Actually a ruffled waist pinny. I proudly showed it off at my craft group on Friday, only to notice that I had, in my haste to finish, sewn one of the ties on back to front!! I didn't say anything, I just packed it away smirkily. blush
Thanks for the advice about reading patterns, I will do better next time!!

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