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Can anyone help me organise a DIY pottery painting party for DD?

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CappuccinoCarrie Wed 22-Jan-14 13:39:29

DD's birthday is coming up, and having taken her to our local pottery painting cafe a few times for a treat, she's asked for a pottery party, but its far too expensive to take her and friends to the 'proper' place.
Years ago we did DIY pottery painting at someone's house, she had some special paints that you painted on a basic cheap white crockery from a supermarket, then put in the oven to seal. I was wondering how cheap those paints are, and what to buy, but a lot of googling has come up with nothing...can anyone give any advice....?
Thanks in advance!

stealthsquiggle Wed 22-Jan-14 13:44:30

Baker Ross is your friend. I can't do links from silly phone, but Google them. They have things to paint and paints to paint them with. Their lustre paints are especially lovely.

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 22-Jan-14 13:52:28

Thank you I'll get googling!

puddock Wed 22-Jan-14 14:00:05

A friend has lovely DIY parties every December. She does use the proper bisqueware but she gets it in bulk from a supplier which doesn't work out too dear.
My DS went to a pottery cafe party once where the hosts covered the cost of food and basics, but if the children wanted their creations to be glazed and collected later, parents paid for that at pickup. I felt that was fair enough, but you might not like that idea.

IDugUpADiamond Wed 22-Jan-14 18:39:20

Yes I have done this type of party several times with DD and have always used Baker Ross. A word of warning though. The first time I bought moneyboxes. After the children painted them I put them in the oven for the paint to seal. I only realised afterward that I should have taken the rubber stops off the bottom of the ceramic money box blush. I spent the days following the party finding corks, moulding them into shape and delivering them to all the little girls who had taken home a bottomless moneybox.

The ceramic paints can be a little expensive but if you bear in mind they'll last you several parties, it's worth it.

5HundredUsernamesLater Thu 23-Jan-14 18:26:14 do some nice bits at reasonable prices. They sell the paints and also porcelain mugs, egg cups etc in sets. They also sell porcelain painting pens that might cut down on mess.

stealthsquiggle Thu 23-Jan-14 18:36:29

Yellow Moon and Baker Ross are one and the same, but it's always worth checking both websites as they sometimes have different pricing for bulk purchases.

CappuccinoCarrie Fri 24-Jan-14 19:54:29

brilliant, thank you for all the hints and tips smile

Starballbunny Sat 25-Jan-14 00:54:05

Pebeo Vitrail 160 glass paint

This stuff paints on glass and white glazed pot and is dishwasher proof when cooked. It goes miles. Both DDs have used it for parties and we still have lots left.

I've never used the linked site (got ours from hobby craft) but that's a very good price also have Pebeo ceramic paint and other useful stuff marked down

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Sat 25-Jan-14 01:27:00

Placemarking .. What a lovely idea smile

Moomoomie Sun 26-Jan-14 14:42:59

Have you The Range close to you? We have bought the Pebeo paint from there, they sell the glass paint and porcelain paint. It costs about £3.50 a bottle, but it goes a long way. They also sell the pens for outlining or more intricate work.
My daughter did a few mugs for friends and relatives for Christmas.

tb Tue 28-Jan-14 13:58:46

Haven't looked, but does the Fred Aldous site have the paints?

They usually have most things crafty.

CappuccinoCarrie Thu 06-Feb-14 15:00:35

we do have the Range and I'm off there this afternoon!

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