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Sewing machine recommendations. Brother or Janone?

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Butterytoast Sat 21-Dec-13 23:31:01

I love my janome ��

sunshinenanny Sat 21-Dec-13 23:29:35

Definitely Janome although Elna used to be very good!

Lovevhate Mon 09-Dec-13 22:37:59

Thanks everyone. The Janome seems to come out best in reviews. I will see if there are any in my local all shop.

GemmaTeller Mon 09-Dec-13 15:02:47

I've got both a Brother sewing machine and a Janome embroidery machine, they are both fine but the Janome is more 'heavyweight'.

Agree with poster upthread, a good sewing machine shop will let you have a try out and spend time with you.

roguepixie Mon 09-Dec-13 12:31:14

I've never had a Brother machine so can't comment. Have had two Singers (not so good now as they used to be). Now have a Janome and am completely happy with it. The lady in John Lewis said it was their best seller and she had yet to see one come back for repair (some 8 yrs there). Very hard wearing and can take some abuse...obviously make sure you get a machine that can cope with what you want to do with it - some are good with heavy fabrics or stretchy fabrics or crafting.

MiaowTheCat Mon 09-Dec-13 07:01:41

I have a Janome - I'm not kind or gentle to sewing machines and it's served me well. Think it has a free embroidery setting but I've never used it yet.

Actually come to think about it - the machines I did my A level textiles on years ago were Janome ones as well (and I know they definitely did free embroidery as I did a load of it on one piece of work)

Lovevhate Sun 08-Dec-13 23:30:05

Will google it. Are you totally happy with it?

AnAdventureInCakeAndWine Sun 08-Dec-13 23:26:53

(Actually, my machine -- Husqvarna Emerald 118 -- would meet your spec (apart from the Brother/Janome bit) and I'm very happy with it)

Lovevhate Sun 08-Dec-13 23:25:17

Thanks adventure. Yes there is a shop down the road so I will go in and talk to them.

AnAdventureInCakeAndWine Sun 08-Dec-13 23:23:38

Do you have a local sewing machine shop and service centre? TBH if choosing between two good brands I'd be swayed by the ease of getting help/support/parts/service (this is largely why I have a Husqvarna; I have a specialist dealer within walking distance of my house and I can pop in and ask questions any time).

Lovevhate Sun 08-Dec-13 23:19:09

Hi all. I want to upgrade my machine but the choice is huge! I want to pay up to £300 and it must have a drop feed so I can do free embroidery. Also needle up or down function.

I would be grateful for your make and model recommendations. Thanks very much. smile

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