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Craft Table novice..

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Titsalinabumsquash Tue 03-Dec-13 03:54:50

If you wanted to gave stock could you do some festive ones that aren't personalised saying 'hohoho' or 'seasons greetings' type things in festive colours? Then people could take them away on the day.
Are they cheap enough to be stocking fillers? Could you do arrange with a single letter for an initial or 'mum' 'dad' etc. I'd much prefer something in hand I think.

Chocolateteabag Tue 03-Dec-13 03:43:56

Have you got pictures of bracelets you've made as well as actual examples?
Maybe have a sign printed up which sets out what you do?
Ie clearly stating you make personalised bracelets, how much and how long they take to make.
How will you get the bracelets to people who order on the night?
How long do they take to make (in time for Xmas?)
Full details of your charity.
Vv important - how much

I am a typical English girl and hate asking the price of things - far prefer to read it

I'd try to have as much "stock" to sell on the night as you can as people do like to have something "in their hand"

Good luck!

neverputasockinatoaster Mon 02-Dec-13 23:04:00

I've been making and selling macrame friendship bracelets to support my fundraising efforts (I support Walk the Walk and am doing 2 Moonwalks this year).

Most of my selling is very small scale - word of mouth and a bit on FB. I have been offered a table at a very small Christmas Fayre and I'm going to do it. As the bracelets are personailsed I ill be taking orders. I have very little 'stock' as I make exactly what people ask for although I do have a few very simple freindship bracelets. I also make key rings/bag tags.

I have a duplicate book for taking orders, I'm going to take all my beads and thread etc so I can make some there, I have organza bags for putting in and I will have a float.

I want to get soem jelly beans and do a wee guess the number of jelly beans just as an aside.

What else do i need to think about? this is a bit last minute as the person doing the fayre caught me outside the kids school today and the fayre is Saturday!!

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