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Can you mix fabrics in a quilt?

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lljkk Fri 06-Dec-13 20:31:20

Things I wouldn't try to use:
Stretchy fabrics (like lycra)
Very thick, plastic coated
Anything that could shrink a lot (new wool)
Anything that won't like washing machines.

Otherwise pretty much fine. I've loads of different types of fabric in my quilts.

harbinger Fri 06-Dec-13 20:26:34

Could you mix flannel, cotton and tweed? If the tweedy bits were just in a strip/area?
If not, what on earth do I do with woollen leftovers?

BigBoobiedBertha Tue 03-Dec-13 09:29:37

It is fine to use two different fabrics. Do you have enough to do the back in flannel and the front in cotton? Flannel is often used as a backing for quilts as it is nice and warm and soft. It should cause few problems to mix it up though especially if the flannel is cotton as well because it won't be stretchy and it should be about the same weight.

Livinginlimbo2 Tue 03-Dec-13 09:18:11

I's advise against using any knitted fabrics. I strongly recommend washing or pressing with a hot steam iron, to pre shrink fabric, prior to sewing. The cover has to be serviceable/washable as it's going to need to be laundered quit often. Hope this helps.

Mckayz Mon 02-Dec-13 20:24:30

I'm attempting to make a cot size quilt for DD. I recently bought a bag of fabric scraps. It's mainly cotton pieces but there are a few flannel type fabrics.

Could I use them too? They have lovely patterns.

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