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'Dullify' shiny zips

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lurkingaround Sun 01-Dec-13 10:03:46

I've already posted this in Style and Beauty, so apols if you're reading again.
I have boots with very shiny brassy zips that I don't like much. I reckon I would wear the boots a lot more if I could lessen the shine.

Is there any way to do this? TIA.

SundaySimmons Sun 01-Dec-13 18:04:05

Do consider that you could ruin the boots as this looks quite tricky to me.

lurkingaround Sun 01-Dec-13 20:29:12

Thanks Sunday! I wonder would it ruin the boots. I could use a tiny paintbrush. Might give it a go on something very old and waiting to be dropped to charity. Thanks again!

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