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Somebody who can make great things from loo rolls needed!

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IslaValargeone Fri 22-Nov-13 12:28:38

DD just e-mailed me as she remembered she has to make a model of a plant root hair cell for Monday.
Had a quick look at what one looks like but how the buggery do I create vacuoles and cytoplasm etc?

FauxFox Fri 22-Nov-13 17:45:16

Why is this your problem? It's her homework and presumably she is older than 10 so why do you have to create anything at all?!

Chocolateteabag Sat 23-Nov-13 00:46:27

Isla - check out Pinterest for ideas with loo rolls, how ever I am also with faux, this is your DD's assignment so surely "you" don't need to create anything, she does?

BillyBanter Sat 23-Nov-13 00:50:11

i came here all excited to say you can make owls with loo rolls.

I've been brought here under false pretensions.

Wish your DD all the very best in her efforts to do her homework. put kisses on the end and everything.

BillyBanter Sat 23-Nov-13 00:50:44

pretences not pretensions.

souperb Sat 23-Nov-13 16:50:50

Tell me more about the owls! And yy to OP's daughter doing own homework.

bigTillyMint Sat 23-Nov-13 16:52:22

This is standard Y7 homework! Cake/clay versions have been popular here.

JimmyCorkhill Fri 29-Nov-13 22:01:19

Ha ha, I came on to say owls too!

Morgause Fri 29-Nov-13 22:03:41

I came here to explain how to make Santa's elves. <disappointed>

segtree4 Mon 02-Dec-13 09:27:22

I dont understand why everyone is get "up tight just because a grown up is offering to find out information to help the child complete a project. The child is clearly stuck and has asked for help! And finally there is a parent or gurdian who still wants to be invloved, takes a interest and more importantly takes time out to help the child learn and develope! I wish her luck with her project. I am a mum who has just painted 90 toliet rolls 4 times each as my daughter and i are make a muriel with them. I also have a huge bag of extra toliet rolls to make many more different things with my kids.

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