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Wool help

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MummyWeatherwax Tue 19-Nov-13 22:20:49

I'm trying to track down some quite specific wool!

backstory: When I was pregnant I bought this kit:
and knitted it for my baby.

Fast forward 18months, and my daughter is very attached to the monkey, sleeps with it etc. in other words, if anything were to happen to it, it would be a tragedy!

So I thought I'd make another one, then alternate them so they age the same etc, toys reunited type disaster averted.

But I can't get the wool. I bought another kit, but they are now blue sad I emailed the Company who made the kit, no response. I've been to both local wool shops, who don't have a match for the half ball I have left.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can track some down? I don't knit a great deal, so don't know any tricks of the trade as it were...

In my dream world there's a MNer with the same kit at home, who didn't use the wool because they wanted it in pink! grin

All ideas gratefully received...

whatshallwedo Tue 19-Nov-13 22:38:34

Have you tried ebay?

sOODdragon Wed 20-Nov-13 07:53:59

If you can't find it, could you make two with the closest possible match, then "wash" the original and switch it for a replacement?

poppy77 Wed 20-Nov-13 08:00:52

(hope that has worked!)

Failing that, do they not stock them in John Lewis? You could ring and ask if they have any left.

MummyWeatherwax Wed 20-Nov-13 17:34:52

I have successfully bought the kit!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction- I would never have considered eBay, although I don't know why!

Multiple monkeys here we come!

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