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Knitting pattern for a small boy

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Aquelven Sat 16-Nov-13 16:29:28

Anyone know where I can find a free knitting pattern for a small, six year old boy please? I've already bought the wool, DK, but was loathe to pay £2.50 for the one they wanted to sell me in the shop. I've checked out the sites I know, Ravelry & a few others, but surprisingly had no luck. Just want a plain jumper, round neck, knitted on two needles not in the round as I don't have a circular one.

missnevermind Sat 16-Nov-13 16:40:52

Google for the Weasley jumper. Was one of the easiest I have ever knitted

missnevermind Sat 16-Nov-13 16:42:39

Realy nice jumper.

You want to knit a small boy? That is going to take a fair amount of yarn! grin

tribpot Sat 16-Nov-13 16:57:44

How about this one or this one?

I do like the Weasley one. I'm currently doing the Fred and George socks smile

missnevermind Sat 16-Nov-13 17:09:25

They look fun but difficult.
I have never attempted socks, would would need something a lot simpler to start with grin

tribpot Sat 16-Nov-13 19:07:57

For starter socks I would recommend the autopilot sock recipe. They fit beautifully!

Aquelven Sat 16-Nov-13 20:43:37

Thank you, they are just what I was looking for.

No, SDT, don't think I have enough frogs & snails or puppy dog tails to stuff it with.

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