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Anybody make their own baby slings?

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nevergoogle Thu 31-Oct-13 14:56:59

I'm trying to do the maths on making my own 'moby' type baby sling.

Figuring I need about 5 metres of fabric to make two slings.

Which fabric is best/most economical/doesn't shrink?

Is it worth it given that I can buy second hand on ebay for about £25-£30?

SundaySimmons Thu 31-Oct-13 18:06:00

Have a look here

I expect the fabric you buy will be far nicer than ready made ones.

nevergoogle Thu 31-Oct-13 18:07:40

ha, that's the site i was looking at. it says to use muslin, but the moby slings seems to have more stretch 100% cotton.

SoupDragon Thu 31-Oct-13 18:22:09

I made my own Coorie for BabyDragon [wistful sigh]

nevergoogle Thu 31-Oct-13 18:38:06

what material did you use? was it cheaper than buying one?

SoupDragon Thu 31-Oct-13 20:13:03

I made it with bog standard fleece. It probably was cheaper but also it satisfied my "I could make that" need smile

nevergoogle Thu 31-Oct-13 20:49:42

oh hadn't thought of fleece. might be too warm for an april baby but i'll have a look. and yes, i know that need.

SoupDragon Thu 31-Oct-13 21:20:22

Yes, DD was early Feb smile

neverputasockinatoaster Sat 09-Nov-13 20:47:52

I made a ring sling to wear to a wedding! It matched my dress and was easy to make.

DD was at her happiest in a ring sling.

nevergoogle Fri 28-Feb-14 00:15:56

Ok so I finally got started on this and am going for a non stretch sling as hoping it will last longer.

I'm using a lightweight denim and have had to join two lengths of fabric to get a decent length.

Should I taper the ends? What sort of angle/length of taper?

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