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Homemade birthday cards

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Defector Fri 25-Oct-13 01:26:47

Hi, my first post.

I make my own birthday cards - 300gsm quality white card (goes through my canon printer), fed through the printer 3 times then folded in half length ways. Done. No glue, no glitter, etc.

Done in 3 separate word documents (for ease - i'm not so good on word)

Front has a photo and message,

Back of the folded card has some 'in this day in history' facts, maybe another photo and a little 'homemade' logo at bottom,

Inside (other side of unfolded paper - orientation is everything!) i print a translucent picture (right click pic, properties and it's an option, maybe... ), overwritten with message and signed.

Truly personal and greatly appreciated in my experience.

C5 envelope - 6.25p each

Premium A4 300gsm card - 10.33p per sheet


JoannaBaxterIsARudeFucker Fri 25-Oct-13 01:42:11

are you lost? grin

Defector Fri 25-Oct-13 02:12:44

No, just they don't appreciate some of the finer things over there.

My cards aren't super glitzy and definitely not expensive, but they really show the ones you love that you care. They are fun to make too - makes you trawl through your family and friends photos.

And it's a poke in the eye for Hallmark and the like with their generic, contrived and mass produced cards.

MarjorieAntrobus Fri 25-Oct-13 02:32:02

What's this got to do with houses and DIY? confused

Defector Fri 25-Oct-13 02:40:06

DIY - do it yourself, make it yourself.

I couldn't find an arts and crafts - did i miss it?

howcomes Fri 25-Oct-13 02:49:12

Op you'll find arts and crafts listed under topic fun and games smile

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