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Sewing kits for DD aged 7 or maybe cross stitch

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FariesDoExist Tue 22-Oct-13 12:13:13

DD1 is 7 and she recently used a craft kit which came with felt (with pre-punched holes) and thread and a plastic needle to make a small felt rabbit and blanket. DD enjoyed it a lot and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend other similar kits for her to try? I think this kit was quite 'young' due to the plastic needle, but it was fun. We do have a 'Sew a Dog' by Galt but it has a real needle and pattern, which is daunting to me! I don't know where to begin but maybe I'll try that one on my own. My DD is quite highly strung and I feel sewing/crafting could help relax her! She loves anything crafty and is good at focusing and sticking with a project.

Also I was thinking perhaps she would like to give cross stitching a go, but I don't know where to begin - should I just try her with a cross stitch kit and can anyone recommend a good one? I myself am a creative person (in my head) and I appreciate pretty and beautiful things, however I'm not particularly practical and was never taught how to sew so I am a nervous novice! I'd love to help DD along with a hobby that she could really enjoy and get into.

Dobbiesmum Tue 22-Oct-13 12:16:38

DD1 got this one for her 8th birthday this year:$ja=cgid:6110077470|tsid:41361|cid:119349870|lid:47689765470|nw:g|crid:32816167950|rnd:4950824131022342580|dvc:t|adp:1o2
It has sewing, knitting and cross stitch in it, she's currently doing one of the cross stitch pictures and finding it fairly easy. It has full instructions too smile

flipflopper Tue 22-Oct-13 14:29:26

My dd is 12, but is dyspraxic so a bit clumsy with things like this. She got this for her bday and she really enjoyed doing it, it comes with plastic needle, so prob similar to the one you've already done.

ohtobemeagain Tue 22-Oct-13 14:45:12

What about one of these:

I bought my niece one last year and she loved it.

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