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Ideas for a children's story book?

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MamaPingu Tue 15-Oct-13 11:35:34

I'm wanting to write a series of story books for my son for when he's older and just for fun really! smile

The thing is, I don't know where to start! I have ideas for the stories such as one to teach about sharing, about accepting people who are different etc. I want the stories to be fun but to have a little message behind them.

I want to make the characters a little different than others but I have no idea! I love woodland characters but isn't that really common and boring? What do you think?

Anymore ideas for stories with messages behind them would also be much appreciated smile

ICameOnTheJitney Tue 15-Oct-13 12:02:06

The best way to begin is just to start writing. Planning has it's place of course but you can spend forever thinking about writing something without ever putting finger to keyboard or pen to paper.

Write about the characters which please you this case woodland characters. That way you will enjoy the task and it won't be a chore.

monkeymamma Sat 19-Oct-13 22:29:33

I don't think woodland characters is boring (or particularly common). You could give it a slightly surreal, moominy feel. Owls and deer and funny little toadstools with faces!

Off the top of my head here are some other messages...
Believing in yourself
New experiences/being brave
Bedtime/getting to sleep
Lost and found
Anger/bad mood and dealing with this
Gifts and giving

Good luck and I'm sure your son will love them!

MamaPingu Mon 21-Oct-13 19:55:31

Thank you both for the messages you have both helped me to get started smile

Those are some brilliant ideas for stories thank you ever so much! and I love the toad stools with faces idea grin I'll definitely do those!!

Can't wait to get one finished smile

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