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Vintage sewing patterns

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harbinger Fri 11-Oct-13 22:46:06

Yes, I know there are loads of blogs.

Do you sew any?

PS How do you size them up?

I've got a Mccalls 6857 (60s?) that is missing the skirt pattern, so it's going to be a retro top!

Chocolateteabag Thu 17-Oct-13 22:00:56

Hi Harbinger
I have a few that I've collected from ebay etc

Have you got any pattern cutting books? I would suggest you start with a full set of your measurements - maybe get a friend to help you. You need to basically measure every side and across the pattern in several places.

Then make a paper pattern from the tissue and start to cut and widen/narrow to fit your measurements. This is where the books can help with how to do this on different patterns.

Then you make a toile (mock up) in cheap calico (or an old sheet) and tack or pin together and adjust again.

Once you are happy with the fit - take it apart and use to make the "true" pattern and make up with your chosen material.

Sounds like a right faff doesn't it! But it's worth it rather than wsting good material and you'll also see what the pattern actually looks like and can see how much fabric you'll need, and also if you really will wear it once made.

harbinger Fri 18-Oct-13 15:40:05

Thanks, Chocolateteabag (love the name), that process is an awful lot of work hmm. I think that shall have to choose a marvellous pattern (to give me the incentive) and buy a book!
It is the actual changing of the pattern that I have not got a clue about, I take it that you don't add (say) 1" to each side seam of the tissue pattern and hope for the best grin

Chocolateteabag Mon 21-Oct-13 23:44:12

You could try that grin
I know it sounds a faff but it really is worth making up (even if roughly and just tacked) a version in scrap fabric. You get to see how th pattern actually works and test the fit properly. It's so disheartening to cut out nice fabric only to realise you made an error and cut it wrong.

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