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Craft shopping addiction

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JollyScaryGiant Fri 11-Oct-13 22:33:41

Hello. My name is Jolly. I am addicted to buying yarn. I have no more money or space but still went into a charity shop today and asked if they had any wool. Then spent £4.50 on it. 1kg of yarn I have no use for.

I rregularly go on wool websites and fill my trolley. Sometimes I checkout. Sometimes I don't.

I think about crochet a lot.

I clearly have a problem.

monikar Tue 15-Oct-13 12:44:39

Thea I often fantasise about a craft room - mine would have those open box shelves like in a knitting shop so I could store and display my stash all at the same time. It would be a haven of peace and tranquillity where I could do my crafting and there would be loads of space to store my stash smile .

SoupDragon Tue 15-Oct-13 13:04:28

I shall be having a craft house when the children leave home!

roguepixie Tue 15-Oct-13 13:30:08

When we moved into our current house (some 13 years ago) the attic had been converted...can you guess where I'm going with this??? Huh??

Well, DS thinks it's going to be his and DH thinks it's going to be a family room. Well, they are both wrong cos it's going to be mine...mwah haha. My craft room. I am surreptitiously taking over ... the sewing machine is there, as is the humongous average sized stash, the fabric, the buttons etc etc etc.

Slowly and surely wins the race, my friends, slow and sure <<<evil grin emoticon>>>

roguepixie Tue 15-Oct-13 13:31:14

And defo:

The first rule of Yarn club is ... you shall not talk about the stash.

The second rule of Yarn Club is ... you shall not talk about the stash.

monikar Tue 15-Oct-13 14:20:04

roguepixie the whole attic as a craft room - how lovely smile . Another thing that appeals to me about a craft room is that you can leave your work out. At the moment if I want to use my sewing machine I will set it up on the dining room table and so it has to be put away again, but in my craft room...

GemmaTeller Tue 15-Oct-13 15:12:46

Re craft room, I had the smallest bedroom as my craft room and the minute DSD shipped out to uni I was in there - second largest bedroom, overlooking the fields on the front - all mine grin

And as for buttons, I actually sell them for a living - I'm surrounded by thousands of them and I love love love it when a new delivery turns up, double grin

kcumber Tue 15-Oct-13 15:34:37

monikar i know what you mean, i left a half crocheted jumper out on the coffee table once, DS decided it would be great fun to unravel it while i was in the shower and drape the remnants over the sofa angry

monikar Tue 15-Oct-13 15:40:59

kcumber oh no - hours of work unravelled in a few minutes sad .

Gemma I'm feeling very jealous of your craft room! How lovely to be surrounded by buttons - I was thinking how difficult it must be to part with them when a customer orders them from you but then I suppose you just re-stock grin .

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 15-Oct-13 16:19:02

God,I'd love a craft roomenvy

I've my eye on ds2's bedroom, it's a good size and has a large, sunny window I could set my sewing machine up in front of. What a shame ds2 is only 9......

roguepixie Tue 15-Oct-13 18:15:56

It's never too early to plan Doyou, never ever too early grin.

roguepixie Tue 15-Oct-13 18:16:48

Gemma, do you make them yourself?

elfycat Tue 15-Oct-13 19:59:49

We're planning an extension and would have a new living room. The question has arisen to the use of the old one. I'm pretending to go along with the 'spare room' option. Or possibly 'study'.

I'll start sneaking my craft bits in. I'll need somewhere new to keep my patchwork fabric as the built-in cupboard it's in now needs to be removed to put a new window in. And the sewing machine can go in there (out of the dining room), and my sewing chest out of our bedroom.

DH works away for 3 weeks at a time. I can get a lot of re-organising done in that time.

kcumber Wed 16-Oct-13 10:17:22

monikar thankfully it was ridiculously chunky wool so it only took a few hours to re-do.

i am so jealous of all these ladies with craft space/ potential craft rooms.

i may just invest in lap trays for eating and take over my tiny dining room

roguepixie Wed 16-Oct-13 10:26:34

Morning all.

Work is progressing on my current WIP. It's a really quick project - perfect for Christmas gifts. It's 'Color Affection' (on Ravelry).

By the way, not sure if this is necessary as we all talk on here but is anyone interested in starting a MN Yarn Club on Ravelry? Their criteria states that 3 people need to join in order for it to be a 'go'. Am happy to have a go at setting it up if there is enough interest.

kcumber Wed 16-Oct-13 11:14:15

roguepixie i would join a yarn club on ravelry. any excuse for more yarn talk is fine by me grin

There is already a rather tumbleweedy Mumsknitters forum on Rav, shall we try to resurrect that?

I'll go and bump it smile

JollyScaryGiant Wed 16-Oct-13 12:31:06

Sounds grand as long as us bookers can join too!

I am a hoarder too. I probably have enough yarn to last me at least a year, if not more. It was made better worse when I won the Knit Now Magazine monthly yarn stash one month - 66 balls of yarn!! Dh nearly had a fit!! I have had to ban the dses from saying, 'Bloody hell, not more yarn' when another parcel arrives.

I would love to be in a MN knitting group - but I wonder whether a FB group might get more traffic - I know I visit FB far more regularly and often than I visit Ravelry - and I don't keep forgetting my FB password either, whereas I have two Ravelry accounts, and on a good day, I can remember the name and password for one of those accounts - on a bad day I either can't remember any of the names and passwords, or I can remember the password for one and the name for the other.

I blame my age!

SoupDragon Wed 16-Oct-13 12:42:25

Only a year...? hmm Really?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 16-Oct-13 12:54:21

It's far beyond the planning roguepixie, I have already moved my fabric stash in ds2's room on the basis he has more space and I'm eyeing up his poorly used desk for my sewing machine! I mean he's out at school for 6 hours of the day, it's such a waste.....

My yarn stash may outlive me at my somewhat sedate rate of finishing projectsgrin

JollyScaryGiant Wed 16-Oct-13 13:00:42

Err hooker, not Booker. My phone clearly has too clean a dictionary.

WhatWouldFreddieDo Wed 16-Oct-13 13:22:09

Ooooo Yarn Porn!!! sorry

I sometimes feel the need to delete my browsing history at the same time as hiding my credit card statement. My office at home has been over-run by The Stash and unfinished projects. DH is suggesting I simply change career and set up shop on Etsy.

SoupDragon - you are right - I have several years-worth of yarn and fabric stashed. How well you know me! blush

SoupDragon Wed 16-Oct-13 13:38:24


roguepixie Wed 16-Oct-13 14:25:26

SDTG, I can't work FB...I just don't understand the workings. <<<very dim emoticon>>>, Perhaps we could have a Rav and a FB group? My DS knows not to draw attention to the large jiffy bags that arrive that are suspiciously squishygrin. Well done to you for winning such a great prize.

Jolly, every and all yarn wielder welcome: one hook, two needles or circs...all are welcome in our yarn coven thlgrin.

Whatwill, welcome to my world...the world of hidden CC statements so no-one finds out just how deep my addiction is grin

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