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The GSE proudly presents... A Very Square-y Christmas

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Skoggy Thu 03-Oct-13 14:49:45

I'd like to invite you all to "A Very Square-y Christmas" event on Ravelry. It is a little Christmas swap being run by the Global Square Exchange group.

The swap packages would contain 2 squares for your partner, 1 or 2 handmade decorations, a card, a favourite Christmas food recipe and something personal for your partner. The packages wouldn’t be huge or heavy so would keep costs down. It is an international group and event so everyone is welcome to come and join us. Starts on Nov 1st. Sign-ups have been open since mid-Sept so there are lots of friendly people from all over the World to get to know. smile

Skoggy Mon 21-Oct-13 22:18:33

Just wanted to let you know that the cut off date for sign ups for this is Sunday 27th Oct.
We have got many people already and from lots of different countries. Shaping up to be a very fun November! smile

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