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Stitch holder help needed!

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needasilverlining Sun 22-Sep-13 10:03:05

First project on circular needles - baby hoodie.

Have finished yoke and pattern says to knit 19, place 30 stiches on holder, cast on 6, knit 44, put another 30 stitches on holder, cast on 6, knt to end.

OK, can do that. Realise stitches on holders are for sleeves.

BUT I then have to continue to work back and front until 6 inches long. How do I work round the stitches on the holder? Just keep going? Do the various back and ffront bits separately? Point of this pattern was that is virtually seamless so am confused.

Sorry for rubbish typing, MN doesn't seem to like my tablet.

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 22-Sep-13 10:27:06

The extra cast on stitches should allow you to continue working straight across all stitches. You may find the first couple of rows don't have much give in them while they are on your needles, but a few row further on it will be fine and it will have no lasting effect on your garment.

If you are working from the top down (it reads that way in your OP) then make sure that your 30 stitches on your holder sit on top of your work. What I mean is that the cast on 6 stitches are the underarm so if you have the right side of the work facing you then your stitch holders are at the front rather than the back of the work IYSWIM.

Just out of curiosity it isn't the Baby Kina cardigan from Ravelry is it? I loved making that.

needasilverlining Sun 22-Sep-13 11:07:45

Thanks for this - so the 6 stitches should sort of pull the gap together?

It is a ravelry pattern, but I think it's just called Toddler Hoodie. I will look up Baby Kina though!

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