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Equilateral triangle patchwork - flipping heck

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TerribleTantrums Wed 31-Jul-13 11:40:50

I'm making a baby quilt that is all equilateral triangles and it's doing my head in. About two thirds of the triangles are directional, they are fussy cut and need to point in a particular direction but they are not so obviously different that you can tell which way they should point at a glance. I have six sets of five in two different fabrics (fortunately I grouped and labelled them as I cut) and after unpicking several times I now write the set number and do an up arrow on the back as I pick them up from the pile.

My handy hints for triangles
1. Buy the correct ruler triangle ruler for rotary cutting, a template and straight ruler is not as accurate
2. If it feels wrong when you are sewing a seam it may or may not be wrong, if you are completely confident that it's right then it's almost certainly wrong.
3. Double check before you sew rows together or there might be a whole lot of unpicking to do
4. When you are cutting directional triangles give one point a flat edge otherwise you have no chance of positioning them correctly

Comforting things to think while you are sewing
1. Babies don't care about matching points, they just like the feel and pattern
2. If it doesn't come out well at all then give it after the baby is born while the parents are shattered from sleepless nights, they won't notice the flaws.

I'm glad I got that off my chest, back to sewing now. smile

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 31-Jul-13 12:00:11

Sounds too complicated for my little wool obsessed brain lovely. grin

Post a photo when you finish it, please.

UnicornsPooGlitter Wed 31-Jul-13 13:00:49


Tell me more about this triangle ruler whatsit.

DwellsUndertheSink Wed 31-Jul-13 13:05:25

I have a whole batch of triangles cut out ready for a equilateral triangle quilt - but found when I sewed them todgether the block was more conical than flat I put it all away in a big envelope as a UFO (UnFinished Object) along with loads of other UFOs in my sewing stash...

TerribleTantrums Wed 31-Jul-13 13:17:20

Triangle ruler. You can get loads of different rulers for loads of different things, but in the past I have always managed to cut just about anything using one or both of this and this, but a 60 degree cut is a bit of a bugger so I had to cut a template instead and it's just harder to keep the rotary cutter lined up against a thin template than a thicker, more solid ruler.

TerribleTantrums Wed 31-Jul-13 13:19:20

grin at conical block. Perhaps you could make up all the blocks and add extra stuffing under the cones to make a 3-dimensional quilt? Or else make up the quilt and machine quilt it so densely that you break its spirit and make it lie flat.

TerribleTantrums Wed 31-Jul-13 13:40:38

You need to scroll down a little on this link, the one I'm making is called "Stacking Birds". I'm not making it in those colours for a baby obviously. I'll put a photo on my profile when I'm done, if I'm still sane enough. grin

BigBoobiedBertha Fri 02-Aug-13 16:12:23

You could always foundation piece them.

You don't have to worry so much about matching points and all that because everything should come together accurately or at least as you drew theory. smile

Nice pattern. Took me ages to see the triangles. Every time I looked at it I saw diamonds and couldn't focus on triangles. I can understand why you did triangles if you are fussy cutting but I just couldn't see them. confused

ObtuseAngel Sat 28-Sep-13 17:20:23

Photos now on this thread. grin

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