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Thinking of trying to learn to crochet...

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MiaowTheCat Thu 01-Aug-13 08:27:46

For what it's worth - I picked it up at the end of May/start of June... and I'm now at a point where I can follow patterns and I've just started the hexagon blanket on Attic 24.

JollyHolidayGiant Wed 31-Jul-13 13:11:33

I can't knit either. I'm not coordinated enough. Love crochet though.

I also rate Crochet Unravelled smile

Jaynebxl Tue 30-Jul-13 07:19:34

I tried YouTube and books but got nowhere then a kindly friend came round for an evening and taught me. It all clicked into place then and I love it now. Maybe ask around to see if any of your friends are secretly crocheting away.

Chocolateteabag Mon 29-Jul-13 23:35:32

I went on a WI Denman course and spent 2 days learning. It was lovely - expensive but included all meals and 2 nights staying over. Lots of tuition and help so am now 2 weeks later already able to start proper patterns.

I'd get some lessons or at least go along to a crochet group at local wool shop if you can

aprilj11 Sun 28-Jul-13 11:35:45

You can do it! I took like four knitting lessons and could never get the hang of it but taught myself basic crochet through youtube. Just be patient and playback the video over and over until you get it. Its so much fun!

HorsesDogsNails Sat 27-Jul-13 18:12:37

I taught myself recently using a book called The Happy Hooker (!) which is brilliant. I can't knit and had never tried crochet so am amazed at how I'm now on my second blanket. I've also done 2 squares for a Woolly Hug blanket.

I love it, wish I'd learnt years ago!!

MiaowTheCat Sat 27-Jul-13 18:06:01

There was a beginners crochet thread on here relatively recently (it's actually what got me started).

I bought a couple of beginners books -but found it took reading instructions, coupled with then watching it on youtube to figure things out enough to replicate stitches to start with... now I can fairly confidently follow printed directions to work an obscure stitch but I needed to see the first couple of basic stitches (slip stitches, doubles and trebles) and get them clear in my mind to be able to take that knowledge and adapt it for a new stitch.

Attic24's great when you're trying to figure out patterns to start with - the photos and talking through it, linked with the pattern language is a nice bridge through to it.

I can't knit either btw.

I'd suggest getting a decent hook though (4mm and double knitting yarn is a good combination to start with) - I've managed to give myself fairly persistent pain in my hand pushing through with a basic hook and it's not settling down from then really.

droitwichmummy Sat 27-Jul-13 17:55:00

I taught myself. YouTube is your friend! Suggest getting a book from the library then use YT to help when you get stuck

SoupDragon Sat 27-Jul-13 17:18:08

I also can't knit.

However, 2 years ago I taught myself to crochet with a 4mm hook, a ball of cheap acrylic yarn and a book called Crochet Unravelled and haven't looked back smile

DharmaBumpkin Sat 27-Jul-13 16:29:24

Can't link as I'm on my phone, but I learnt to crochet with Crafty Minx's crochet school tutorials... Free, really easy to understand, use US terminology but it's not rocket science to switch between them. I rate them! And can now crochet well enough to to do blankets etc.

SuperiorCat Sat 27-Jul-13 15:14:44

I struggled to learn and gave up so I'm just going to bump this for you.

What I did learn while trying to follow youtube tutorials is that American crochet stitches are different to English crochet stiches, so stick with one or the other.

MrsHelsBels74 Sat 27-Jul-13 13:23:58

I can't knit to save my life. Am I doomed to failure before I start? If not, can anyone give me a few tips, point me in the direction of a good beginner's guide?

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