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Out and out boasting thread - sorry

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TheThickPlottens Thu 18-Jul-13 10:34:41

That monster looks so cute. Great to give it to a loving home. I've added it to my library on ravelry.

I too see all the faults with my finished projects. And have a family who seem to value how much something costs and the brand rather than a handmade present.

This year I started crocheting so now some of them will be getting crocheted presents. Maybe they'll give them away or stuff them in the hot press (I spotted one old gift I made in there in my sisters house), but I'm having fun making them.

And I lurve seeing projects that other people make so everyone, feel free to boast.

<Pops off to look up that Fred on ravelry>

SoupDragon Wed 17-Jul-13 16:00:24

Nothing wrong with a spot of boasting smile

PeterParkerSays Wed 17-Jul-13 14:13:06

Just the one set Miaow? wink

If it's any consolation, there's a forum on Ravelry for Selfish knitters, full of shocking cases of people who expect blankets to be produced in a week just for the joy of you making them. If you need solace, that'd be a good place to start.

Hope your sofa cushions look lovely though. smile

MiaowTheCat Wed 17-Jul-13 09:33:23

It's nice when it happens.

On the other hand when it's my brother with bog-all appreciation of just how long it takes to do something crafty and he asks for stuff at the drop of a hat... not so good! I'm gradually re-doing sofa cushions in ours and he's decided he wants a "set" for Christmas!

PixelAteMyFace Tue 16-Jul-13 21:52:52

Well done! I know just what you mean, though - I too only see faults in things I make, and never feel they are good enough to give to people. I made a tea cosy to go with a teapot I bought for a friend and agonised for hours whether to give it to her or not.

Fortunately she was delighted, which was a big relief.

I think that when you make something, you spend so much time looking at it during the making that you can no longer "see" the finished article, and just focus on the stitch that`s too loose or the seam that`s not perfectly straight...

You`ve inspired me to try that pattern myself, it looks really cute!

Dutchoma Tue 16-Jul-13 21:17:08

Oh, I understand completely that you are chuffed. It's lovely when people appreciate what you have made for them especially if you know that it was a beginner's effort. Very well done, indeed and enjoy the glory.

Mhw02 Tue 16-Jul-13 16:07:34

Oh, boast away! Always lovely when something you've put effort into is appreciated!

Purlesque Tue 16-Jul-13 13:13:22

I make stuff with the intention of giving but have ended up keeping it for myself, I like to admire my achievements.

PeterParkerSays Tue 16-Jul-13 11:38:28

A couple of months ago I made this monster (Ravelry link) for a friend's new baby.

I've been crocheting for about a year / 18 months now on and off but had never made something for anyone else before and I ummed and aahed whether to give it to her, because it looked amateurish and home made. Typical new crochet nerves I guess - I just sat there and picked out all the faults, and had to give the monster an eye patch with a winking / sleeping eye underneath because I couldn't crochet two eyes exactly the same.

She's messaged me on Facebook this morning asking whether I bought it (!) or made it, as her girls love it (older sister keeps "borrowing" it off the baby) and she wants to get some more to give as presents. grin grin

Sorry, but I'm royally chuffed that she liked it so much. I've invited her round to pick out colours from my stash of wool.

I've had to look out the pattern again because I was so convinced it was rubbish, I threw the patter naway as I wouldn't be making any more confused

Sorry, I just had to do "ridiculously excited" somewhere where people might understand. DH is a bit bemused as to why I'm so pleased.

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