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Count-down chart for DS

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BudaBabe Tue 06-Jun-06 10:49:34

Hi - DH is away in the wilds of Afric and completly uncontactable. DS (4.5) is really missing him and I want to make a count-down chart for him to cross off the days.

Am not very artistic/creative so wanted to know if anyone knew of a website that I could download something?


BudaBabe Tue 06-Jun-06 11:02:27


champs Tue 06-Jun-06 19:54:07

hiya!! you can use reward chart templates and just use the spaces for stickers that show days gone, and he'll see how many days are left.

it wouldn;t be too hard for you to make one, you only need a large piece of paper and a ruler. you make it as complicated or simple as you like. He may like to help make it with you.

I can cut you some die cuts of dolls, that you can dress as your son and his dad so he can use them as markers. Or you can make them yourself from paper dolls.

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