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dd (5) has to be a dolphin ...

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Bink Mon 05-Jun-06 20:50:31

... in her school play (where she is also the narrator, so full face mask is out I guess)

How would you do it? I've got as far as the marine blue t-shirt and shorts, but would you do a cardboard dorsal fin, flippers, anything like that? (And how?) How would you do the head? What is distinctive about a dolphin?

I'll got till Sunday (11th).

madrose Mon 05-Jun-06 20:55:15

when I think of dolphins I also 'see' their smooth head with air hole and opened snout.

paper mache over balloon, and kitchen roll split in two, - make a sort of hat face, keeping her face free - could use facepaints.

bet you're proud of DD

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