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HELP me make a cot mobile ...?

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PrincessAllipops Thu 11-Jul-13 11:23:11

Hi everyone, I can see you've been looking at my baby mobile

Please do not hesitate to ask for a bespoke quote. I will do my best to meet your expectations in terms of design as well as price.

Best wishes, Alia :-)

PotteringAlong Wed 10-Jul-13 19:56:41

I've just bought one off amazon!

Beamae Wed 10-Jul-13 19:53:01

It IS exactly the same one! But in my defence I did make mine 2 years ago so I'm sure it was the cheapest at the time. grin

RobotBananas Wed 10-Jul-13 16:24:25

mrsdinklage Wed 10-Jul-13 16:20:40

The owl one is lovely

RobotBananas Wed 10-Jul-13 16:20:21

Go look, but be warned... Its addictive

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 16:14:03

What is thispinterest all about

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 16:13:45

I KNOW !!!

Took me a while to clock that looks exactly the same one

RobotBananas Wed 10-Jul-13 15:48:43

Have you had a look on pinterest?

Beamae Wed 10-Jul-13 15:47:58

A quid! Good work shopper!

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 13:38:50

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 13:38:37

Beamae ...that's just exactly the kind of kit I'm after !!!!!!

THANK YOU so much

....just found this on amazon

Might just hang from ceiling for now ......but I really like that wooden arm thing ....lovely ...just want to keep costs down for now

Beamae Wed 10-Jul-13 12:18:57

I bought one of these:

And one of these:

I removed the little clips which are supposed to hold the photos so I was just left with little hoops to hang things. Then I bought a pack of felt, some stuffing, embroidery thread and needles. I looked up on youtube how to do embroidery stitching, specifically blanket stitching. Then I cut out little paper templates of animals, cut them out and stitched little features, stitched them round the edges and stuffed them. I am a complete novice and thought it would look a complete mess but it turned out to be really sweet.

I used ones like this for inspiration:

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 12:07:23

What I'm really after is a kit or online retailer that I can buy all the bits from thanks

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 11:55:21

Heaps of beautiful ones here

spiderbabymum Wed 10-Jul-13 11:53:55

I'd really like to make a few mobiles for my 5 month old to have a look at ...what I have in mind is the ones using a few horizontal bars of wire IYKWIM ...that are very floaty and move with the breeze ...???
Get me started please ???
Has anyone done this ???
I will try and find a pic !

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