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I want to make my own confetti, but how?

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lacrimosa Sat 03-Jun-06 19:27:34

Can anyone help me? I want to make natural wedding confetti, I buy flowers every week and thought if I use these for 1 year untill my wedding, I could save some money, the only problem is how do i do it?

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 19:28:37

apprently according to an article in ? todays times oyu need dried coconute na drosepetals

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 19:30:31

“Instead of confetti — which contains dyes and bleach and swells in the stomachs of birds that eat it, as does rice — we had dried rose petals from the garden for my wedding,” says Culver. “You can also throw linseed — great for getting in the bride and groom’s underwear.” Or try biodegradable confetti (

lacrimosa Sat 03-Jun-06 19:33:48

Oh you cruel thing! Linseed! I have to remember to ban it from my wedding, thanx for the tip though!

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 19:34:50

my mum and dad had rice int he 60s!

lacrimosa Sat 03-Jun-06 19:37:30

Thanx for the link ,but I already have their catalogue, I wanted to learn how to make it myself as I buy loads of flowers throughout the year, any tips?

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 19:38:01

\link{\get one fo these and get stamping!)
wonder if you coudl get everyone who works in an office to give oyu their hole punch waste!

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 19:38:23


apronstrings Sat 03-Jun-06 19:41:14

don't really know how to do it ,but think it is a lovely and romantic idea. I had heard that you dry roses in sand? A woman at our lacal organic supermarket told me that they hang the roses that don't sell upside down to make dried floweres

lacrimosa Sat 03-Jun-06 19:44:08

I need to have completely natural confetti as I am getting married on a river bank!I love the hole punch idea

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 19:44:50


Twiglett Sat 03-Jun-06 19:48:06

We got married in florence and DBILs went to local florists and got £100 worth of roses and threw the petals at us

funnily enough they didn't know it would cost £100 .. they were stitched up .. they asked for a few rose petals and the bloke proceeded to rip up loads

really made me LOL when I heard ..but it was lovely .. fresh rose petals on the steps underneath the statue of David .. with japanese holidaymakers taking pics of us .. [girn]

lacrimosa Sat 03-Jun-06 20:00:16

wow sounds really romantic! I think I will get the best of both by having bunches of flowers in the house for a few days and making my own confetti!

bettythebuilder Sat 03-Jun-06 20:17:37

I've dried lavender and roses before by tying them together and hanging upside down in an airing cupboard. I don't know if that would make the rose petals a bit "crunchy" (!) though.

bettythebuilder Sat 03-Jun-06 20:18:22

and is it tying or tieing? (or something else...)

WideWebWitch Sat 03-Jun-06 20:20:26

I got rose petals from here there might be something on their site about how they treat them?

LadyCodofCOdford Sat 03-Jun-06 20:21:43

omg look at the personalised roses
don thave conetti
no one will notice

WideWebWitch Sat 03-Jun-06 20:22:28

I know cod, I am a ponce! Didn't have those, had dried rose petals on tables and as confetti.

Californifrau Sun 04-Jun-06 04:26:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ghosty Sun 04-Jun-06 07:44:18

When we got married a friend of DH's started chucking dry pasta at us ... someone had told him that rice was a good alternative to confetti but he didn't have any so he brought a packet of spiral pasta instead
Got a picture somewhere of me with pasta stuck in my veil

Carolinett Sun 04-Jun-06 13:13:05

This is a bit harsh but

Think how much money you could save between now and your wedding if you didn't buy any more flower.

Put the vase away replace it with another ornement and buy a can of flower smelling fresh air for 79p from Asda.

You can then proberbly be able to buy the confetti you want
Those petals are always in the sales in different shops, try the Au Natural shop there cheap in there.

Katymac Sun 04-Jun-06 13:18:49

I love the idea of saving your flowers for confetti - it's very "bottem draw"ish and really lovely.....but I don't know how

Why not google Making conbfetti or making potporri (as that uses dried flowers too)

Carolinett Sun 04-Jun-06 13:18:50

and another thing get someone to pick up the petals when they've been thrown at the wedding and put them in a nice dish after you've soaked them in a flower scented oil.

Freckle Sun 04-Jun-06 13:37:15

A nice idea is to make confetti out of different coloured rice papers. Totally biodegradable and in fact turn into food for birds, etc.

Gillian76 Sun 04-Jun-06 13:50:42

One of my dad's employees had the hole punch debris thrown at her. They stored it up in a big Roses jar before the big day!

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