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Anyone got a Quickutz castle type die?

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hullabaloo Wed 31-May-06 23:35:16

...and if you have would you cut me a couple of castles if I send you some sparkly green card?
Thank you muchly!!

hullabaloo Fri 02-Jun-06 15:10:23

No-one then?

pootlepod Fri 02-Jun-06 15:15:25

no....but it's one I have coveted for a while.

Doesn't help you much I'm afraid.

Whizzz Fri 02-Jun-06 15:48:23

not me - sorry

hullabaloo Fri 02-Jun-06 21:52:17

I shall HAVE to buy one then!!
Please don't make me go the craft shop again!!

auntyquated Fri 02-Jun-06 23:32:56

i have some reday cut ones --not sure about green tho'---will check in the mornin g for you

auntyquated Sat 03-Jun-06 14:30:25

sorry i only have pink ones. let me know if they are of any use

hullabaloo Sat 03-Jun-06 16:02:30

Aw Auntyquated thanks but it needs to be green. It's for the Emerald City. I spoke to the girls in my local craft shop this morning and they're going to order it in for me. i bought gorgeous green card with little gold sparkles through it but after spending a small fortune last week on stash I thought I would ask here first if anyone could cut some for me. It will come in handy for lots of things I'm sure.

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