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Please help me stick lego to metal!

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Avago Thu 20-Jun-13 15:46:40

I have commissioned some lovely cufflinks that I would like to sell on Ebay but because of their bizarre selling rules I need to sell 29 other jewellery items. I can't afford to (and can't wait and don't have ideas ) commission 29 other items so...

Scratched my head a bit and had the brain wave of lego cufflinks. I bought some for DH last year, very cheap just a bit of lego stuck on a cufflink backing but effective and I can't break the bond between lego and silver plate backing. I can come up with 29 colour combinations so which will allow me to sell on Amazon but can I get the lego and backing to stay stuck? NO!

I googled the best adhesive and came up with E6000. I've applied as per instructions but it isn't setting properly - after 2 days I can easily pull parts apart and even peel the glue off and roll it in a little ball.

Any help appreciated !

plipplops Thu 20-Jun-13 16:02:27

Have you tried 2 part epoxy? Or there's something called Jeweller's Cement which is supposed to be brilliant...

Avago Thu 20-Jun-13 18:03:54

Haven't tried epoxy, just wanted little tube of something quick and easy to make up small batches. Have just ordered the Jeweller's cement - thank you! thanks

Whatalotofpiffle Fri 21-Jun-13 00:24:40

Pinflair is good

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