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Knitters of Mumsnet...

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Madratlady Wed 19-Jun-13 21:59:27

I thought we needed a thread to chat about our current projects, future projects and obscenely large yarn stashes!

I'm working on some lace gloves and a jumper for when the gloves annoy me too much. I've realised that the last 5 projects I've made have been purple so clearly I need some non purple yarn asap!

ConfusedPixie Thu 27-Jun-13 23:28:21

Marking my place as I think I need to join somewhere to chat about my projects so that they are actually worked on! I have just put up 4 shelves in my corner in mine and DP's room which are stuffed full of yarn like you'd see at a yarn shop, I love it, so colourful and my yarn is ready to be used. All cheapy acrylic on the shelves for toys though. ealous of susu's whole room sad

Currently working on/starting:

Pterodactyl: for a Mnetters little boy. I promised her this back in February blush Got disheartened by the colour scheme and gave up. I want to redo it this week.

A giant Plesiosaur: for DP and I blush

A crocodile: for my 2.7yo charge who is obsessed by them confused

I have a load of stylecraft special too which I'd like to start knitting a Woolly Hug with but still haven't really managed to crack larger items yet.

feegle I second Knit with Judy, she's brilliant!

I like texereyarns for supplies. They always get yarn to me quickly. They do good deals on my toy yarn though, I use Deramores for other bits and pieces as texere don't have a massive range unfortunately!

FeegleFion Thu 27-Jun-13 23:36:57

Confused I'm in awe at your skills!

I've been watching Judy and thinking that's easy...then I just can't do it sad

Is it perhaps something to do with me being left handed? Do I need to do everything in reverse IYSWIM?

I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm even struggling to hold the needles without them sliding all over the place sad blush

I'm usually quite crafty. I can't draw for toffee but crafty pastimes are usually something I pick up really easily.

ConfusedPixie Fri 28-Jun-13 00:00:51

Oo, yes, I think being left handed may make things a bit more difficult! Have you got a knitting group nearby? You may find somebody there able to help. Have you got any chunky needles? I learnt on 10mm needles and a super chunky yarn which made things so much easier. Easier to hold the needles as they're so big and easier to see the stitches and distinguish them from one another. I tried to learn on smaller needles before that and really struggled too. Didn't touch anything smaller than 10mm for three years once I got it though!

If you mean the skills to put up the shelves I'd have to say I was impressed myself at how perfectly straight they are thanks to my anal measuring over two hours wink but the knitting is not so skilful, just reading patterns!

FeegleFion Fri 28-Jun-13 08:43:32

Balls confused

I will not give up! I'll find my way grin

roguepixie Fri 28-Jun-13 08:50:05

Oooooh, what a lovely idea - a wonderful knitterly thread. My heart actually skipped a beat there (obviously don't get out much confused).

I am currently making squares for the woolly hugs blankets - another two to go and then I'm sending them off.

Also on my needles is Ysolda's 'Blank Canvas'. Her pattern is in DK but I have a really lovely Artesano Alpaca 4 ply so am using that - the resulting 'fabric' is a little looser but I think looks very nice. Have an idea that I'll be making a few of these - will make the next one in DK.

I'm also thinking about knitted presents this year so will start to put ideas/patterns/yarns together soon.

Am I the only one who has multiple projects?

Good luck fairisle. outtolunch - I love Kate Davies - I have her paper dolls pattern to do at some point in the future.

Can also agree - youtube is brilliant for knitting advice, techniques etc.

roguepixie Fri 28-Jun-13 08:53:11

I knew it was a stupid comment to make about single/multiple projects - have just re-read (properly) and see that the mere thought of a knitter having a single project on the go is almost as rare as unicorn poop grin.

Am going to re-read (again) to make sure I haven't made any more even dafter gaffs.

Hello ConfusedPixie - do you think we might be from the same pixie family?? grinwink

FeegleFion Fri 28-Jun-13 08:59:08

Feegles are a type of fairy grin

roguepixie Fri 28-Jun-13 09:02:31

Ok, third post (then I'll go away for a while, promise).

Feegle, I am left handed but knit right handed. Have you maybe thought of learning the right handed way? I did, many many years ago and, although it seems to go against the way our left handed brains are wired it does make things easier in the long run.

Also, and I am sure this coming remark is akin to teaching your granny to suck eggs...but Ravelry. is an absolute god send and a gold mine - lots and lot a of ideas and many patterns are free as downloads. Easy to buy those that have a price attached to them. Excellent source.

Some good blogs are:

roguepixie Fri 28-Jun-13 09:03:12

Ok, I lied ... fourth post. grin

You must be my cousin feegle grin

FeegleFion Fri 28-Jun-13 09:16:42

Well you need to google Nac Mac Feegles because no self respecting pixie would admit to being our cousins grin

I am going to try the right-handed way, it seems to make sense.

I'll take a look at those sites, thank you! though I think I need to learn how to keep the first stitch from slipping before I look at any patterns

GroupieGirl Fri 28-Jun-13 09:18:26

I'm STILL knitting (and crocheting) bloody flowers. BUT the wedding is in five weeks, after which I'd like to make a Woolly Hug, having been following the project for ages.

I also have a cardigan for a friend's new baby that needs making up. I hate making up.

ConfusedPixie Fri 28-Jun-13 10:11:19

rouguepixie: Quite possibly ;) Pixies are in abundance round these parts of the internet!

The blank Canvas is pretty nice, might have to try that one day!

I have loads of half done projects, some I need to unwind, so I need to put together and some for a few months time! I think every crafty person is the same surely?! Who finishes projects these days?! wink

Ravelry is heaven. I have over 600 favourites on there blush Getting into wedding-related knits too now so that upped it by 100 recently!

Groupiegirl are knitted flowers featuring promenantly in the wedding? It's something I'd really like to start doing and have in my wedding, huge garlands of knitted flowers and a bouquet of knitted flowers that mean something to the women in mine and DPs life. Not sure how it will tie in with other aspects but oh well!

Ekka Fri 28-Jun-13 10:17:45

Ooh, can I join in please? I learnt to knit when I was little, but have only just rediscovered it! And now I have a huge box of yarn and loads of projects I'd love to do, but we are moving to Canada in 5 weeks so most of my stash is going to have to be shipped and I'll be without it for at least 8-12 weeks shock.

I'm currently spending most of my time trying to work out which yarns/projects I can take with me, rather than actually sorting out all our belongings/organising dd's birthday party that's next weekend or doing any of the other 1001 things that I really need to do before we move...

My current project is to finish some yoga trousers for ds2 before he gets too big for them and then find something else to use up my gorgeous Milla Mia yarn.

roguepixie Fri 28-Jun-13 10:17:59

Feegle, I have googled!! However, I still claim you!!! I may be a pixie but self respect went out the window years ago gringrin. Good luck with the right handed knitting - once you've 'got it' then it makes everything so much easier

Confused, I think there is something about knitting (and crafting in general) and the fae grin. Perhaps it is in our DNA?? hmm

I recently had to frog an item. It was hard but I did it. It was strangely liberating grin.

roguepixie Fri 28-Jun-13 10:21:52

Hi Ekka. Love the sound of the "yoga trousers"?? And Milla Mia yarn is lovely.

I would love to move to Canada!! Not sure why, it just sounds like my kind of place. Good luck with the move. Check with the airlines about taking needles on as hand luggage - some of them won't allow it - either wood or metal needles. Having your project confiscated would be even worse than not having some knitting to do shock. And remember, you can then justify hitting your new local yarn shop because, you know, you would be a wreck if you had to wait that long for your supplies to get to you. grin

ConfusedPixie Fri 28-Jun-13 10:24:18

AhA! I knew I recognised ysolda. I have her pattern for Elijah the Elephant waiting around for somebody I know to have a baby! & have quite a fe of her other patterns on my favourites list on Rav blush

GroupieGirl Fri 28-Jun-13 10:29:12

Confused yes, between my partner's mum and myself we've knitted five bouquets, hair accessories, and buttonholes. I'm hoping to make enough in the next few weeks to decorate the chapel too.

The original plan was to do it (at least in part) because it's cheaper. But I'm not sure now!

GroupieGirl Fri 28-Jun-13 10:31:14

Oh, and we haven't bothered tying anything together. So as well as lots of knitted/crocheted flowers, there will also be comic books and owls!

ConfusedPixie Fri 28-Jun-13 11:11:42

Wow, that sounds like a brilliant wedding grin How long have you been working on the flowers? I have to years from now really so think I'm behind already... grin

Jaynebxl Sat 29-Jun-13 05:44:42

Great thread - can I join?

Started knitting as a kid because my mum has always been a compulsive knitter but only managed a couple of half finished projects. Just came back to it at Easter after buying one of those mags with the needles, wool and patterns for a project to keep myself busy on holiday and now have the same addiction as my mum, which she finds hilarious! I've knitted various little bits and pieces while all the time in the background I've been making squares for a blanket. I'm doing this using knitting techniques and different stitches I wanted to try out plus lots of crochet granny squares in between after my friend's sister taught me to crochet a few weeks ago. All so relaxing and portable ... Does anyone else carry their latest project round in a nice little toilet bag in their handbag??? ( had to buy a new, bigger handbag specially - I mean you never know when you're going to get stuck in a traffic jam or something! ).

Pic of my blanket on my profile if anyone wants to see it.

FeegleFion Sat 29-Jun-13 12:25:49

I can't knit. I just can't 'get it' sad

SusuwatariToes Sat 29-Jun-13 19:06:22

I love the Techknitting blog and she talks about left handed knitting here.

Hi Ekka, I am in Canada! Where are you moving to?

Still working away on the jumper. Almost finished the hood and plodding away at the back. Thinking about starting a slouchy brioche knit hat alongside that though. Just need to decide on a colour, it's for a friend with very bright red hair so don't want it to clash!

ouryve Sat 29-Jun-13 20:56:36

I've not knitted nearly as much as I'd like, recently. Went to woolfest, today, without any knitting, not even a simple sock, to do because my thumb's locked up. Typical!

Purlesque Sun 30-Jun-13 08:25:58

Susu sorry I hadn't noticed you asked me a question.
The game is just Find the Fish. It's six knitted fish in a knitted pouch. It's for a 3 year old, someone hides the fish then someone else has to find them.
Each fish is a different colour so easy to identify.
It took a couple days to make.

holmessweetholmes Sun 30-Jun-13 10:16:42

I learnt to knit a few years ago and I really love it. My current projects are a jumper for dh with a geeky Lord of the Rings pattern in the front and a leaf-patterned scarf for me. Both going very slowly atm though...

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