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Big shot or cuttlebug?

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GemmaTeller Tue 18-Jun-13 11:59:21

I have a Bigshot and use it weekly, its great!

I get a lot of bigshot dies off ebay.

Dingle Tue 18-Jun-13 10:25:28

I have had a CB for a few years now and up until recently, I loved it. Yes, it's more portable, take up less space on your desk but it doesn't always "stick" onto the surface.

I recently became a Stampin Up demo, and I qualified for a half price item, being greedy I went for a Big Shot, thinking I could use it to promote sales at demos/classes etc. Not long after ordering I regretted it, thinking I should have ordered a large alphabet die set or,,,or....BUT I must have had physic powers as just before my BS arrived, I was merrily cutting away on my CB and CRACK. Something inside has just sheered off.

I tried Googling to see if it was fixable and there are quite a few cases of this happening.

I cannot say I didn't get very good use out of my CB, and I cannot say that my BS is better as I haven't had it long enough but I have heard the BS is mechanically better with stronger components inside.

Sorry, I have probably confused matters even more!blush

Bella2010star Mon 17-Jun-13 23:16:57

I really want a die cutting and embossing machine. I have been looking online and can not decide between cuttlebug and big shot. So far cuttlebug is looking better due to packing down smaller. Anyone used these and can offer advice?

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