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Need to buy top bit for home made Pendents, and suggestions?

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figleaf Tue 30-May-06 14:43:01

My sons have been collecting and polishing stones for a little while now. Some of them are so pretty they thought they`d make jewellery for aunts/granny etc but I dont know where to get them from. I`ve found my way to lots of jewellery "findings" sellers but no one seems to sell something that would "grab" the top of the stone (with or with our glue) yet have a hoop suitable to thread a chain through. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

figleaf Tue 30-May-06 14:44:36

The title should say "Any Suggestions" not "and suggestions". Must learn to preview!

figleaf Tue 30-May-06 15:06:08

Just bumping so I get onto the active conversation list.

Whizzz Tue 30-May-06 15:23:51

I know what you mean - hang on I'll Google !

charliecat Tue 30-May-06 15:26:48

While you are searching where can I buy a few pieces of brown leather for making bracelets please

Whizzz Tue 30-May-06 15:28:40

\ink{\look here}
I would think you'd need large-ish bead caps or you could try the spiral cage type - depends on how big the stones are

YellowFeathers Tue 30-May-06 15:29:02

You can get bendy spiral hoops that the stone can go in IYSWIM.

Whizzz Tue 30-May-06 15:29:16



figleaf Tue 30-May-06 19:16:20

Thanks, they have just what I need.

figleaf Tue 30-May-06 19:17:22

Charliecat - looks like they sell leather too.

charliecat Wed 31-May-06 09:44:07

yep thank you , got some dds loved some beads on there but mainly out of stock

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