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I need to make a waterproof bug! <wails>

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LittleEsme Wed 12-Jun-13 22:02:53

Outstanding! Thanks AndHarry.
I'll do exactly that. Not sure if the pipe cleaners will buckle under the tightness of a popsock? Defo doing the holes though. Thank you.

AndHarry Wed 12-Jun-13 21:49:22

You could use a sharp pointy thing (knitting needle, drill, screwdriver?) to poke 4 holes in the bottle to thread the wire through, although I'd use pipe cleaners and twist together to attach in the middle rather than a coat hanger, then do the tape wrapping, then the pop socks. Buttons for eyes? Or those googly stick-on types?

LittleEsme Wed 12-Jun-13 20:59:34

Well, DD needs to, with some assistance. She wants to make a bumble bee, so we've decided on an empty lemonade bottle with a screw top lid. DD has rooted around her Dad's shed and found a roll of yellow lagging tape and black lagging tape so this'll be perfect for wrapping around the bottle to make the stripes for the bee's body.

She's struggling to find something for the eyes and the wings. And how to attach them to the body. I was wondering about bending some metal coat hangers and using some pop socks to make the wing bit, but we don't know how to attach them! help!

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