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Crafty people help me with my idea

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orderinformation Tue 04-Jun-13 19:51:40

Of course a real bday present would be to do it for him for a year!

PipkinsPal Mon 03-Jun-13 18:32:05

You could take photos, ie a picture of the car, a gift wrapped present and a photo of his Mom, a close up of his teeth grin etc and get a calender made up that way. Or just set reminders on his phone a week before the event. He would most probably look at his phone more than he looks at a calendar. I know, I do grin

headlesslambrini Mon 03-Jun-13 18:31:31

try this

they seem quite cheap

GlitterFingers Mon 03-Jun-13 18:26:25

It's dp birthday and I have very little money but I have an idea of making him a monthly calendar type thing with things he must do that month like car mot, moms birthday present and other stuff I'm sick of reminding him to do. Does anyone have any ideas? smile Tia

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