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Crochet for beginners...

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CouthyMow Tue 28-May-13 04:06:25

I'm desperately trying to learn to crochet. I want to be able to do Granny squares.

I can make a foundation chain, I can do double and triple, but after that I just end up in a knotty mess!

I have two crochet books, both of which are meant to be from the basics onwards. Neither of which seemingly explain it in a way that makes sense to me...

Can anyone help me to crochet a granny square?!

KnitStitchSewBlog Thu 27-Jun-13 15:37:19

Just posted this on another thread but here you go again! best thing to do is to get cheap wool and ask someone to show you...

MiaowTheCat Thu 27-Jun-13 08:47:42

Has anyone seen CouthyMow in weeks? She was last sighted heading off in the direction of Ravelry and I suspect may now be trapped in her house buried under a mountain of different crochet projects. Do we need to volunteer her for one of those hoarder programmes on the TV?!

pantshavenames Wed 26-Jun-13 21:42:13

Ok so, I am yet to crochet blush but went to house of Fraser to get crochet hook and they had sale of rowan yarns at £2-3 so am now committed and this will be the weekend.yikes.
What horrible blogs about springtime throw?? Sucker tattooed on forehead alert.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 25-Jun-13 08:04:19

sounds great miaow!! I hadn't thought about ikea for cushion covers, thanks smile

MiaowTheCat Mon 24-Jun-13 21:37:41

Finished the first thing I had on the go (well not the first started but the first actual finished thing) - was doing the mini granny square cushion cover idea off Attic 24. Looks dead good - I cheated with the cushion cover aspect since Ikea had plain black cushion covers for £3 which was cheaper than it would have cost me for the stuff to make them - so I did the front in crochet and then fixed it on and did a double stitch border to hide any visible sewing-on stitches.

Think I need to take a break now though - my hands have really cramped up and suffered from doing that - despite the fact I now have dog vet-wrap self sticking bandages wrapped around hook handles to make them a bit more comfortable!

ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:31:38

Ah, thank you! I was getting so dispirited thinking that I'd failed at the very first hurdle blush

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 18-Jun-13 21:29:40

The figures in the brackets refer to the next sizes. The first number is the prem size, the second number (the first one in brackets) is the newborn size and the third number (the second one in brackets) is the toddler size. So the number of chains you make depends on the size you wish to make.

PolterGoose Tue 18-Jun-13 21:23:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:12:59

Can I jump in and ask a question? I'm a total beginner and reading blogs about how Nikki Trench's Springtime Throw has destroyed peoples' lives, I've decided to start with something simpler.


But I'm stuck the very first instruction sad What do the brackets mean? Ch 105 (121, 145)

Elsewhere in that explanation thingy it says that the brackets signify a repetition, but that can't be right, can it?

pantshavenames Tue 18-Jun-13 21:00:43

Oh for goodness sake. Yes will use remainder to trial square and if crochet and me suit will buy more cost efficient wool after fondle in shop as want bag but don't want to pay £60 plus for it. Bit scared now.

pantshavenames Tue 18-Jun-13 20:56:38

Aargh new ph

pantshavenames Tue 18-Jun-13 20:56:06

Ok so what I did, I found a beginner pattern which took only 2 balls ( a curtain tie back) in the book which I thought I would do for DD's room as we are redecorating do

PolterGoose Tue 18-Jun-13 19:03:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marissab Tue 18-Jun-13 18:59:08

Ooo pants, def substitute the yarn. Honestly the price of some of the luxury yarns is insane! If its dk, i always substitute. I usually go for an acrylic with say 20% wool for clothing items. So its washable, and quite warm. Best of both worlds. I think now a days, acrylic is alot better than it used to be. If ordering online, i'd go for 100g balls that cost around £3.50. Eg not the cheapie £1.50 balls. They squeek sometimes they're so plasticy! You should be ok then :D

JollyShortGiant Sun 16-Jun-13 18:39:05

Stylecraft Special DK really is worth trying, even if you dislike acrylic. It's so cheap that you could pick up a ball and try it out then just get rid if you don't like it smile

Any dk yarn is fine, as far as I know. To be honest, I am using very cheap yarn at the moment, and it is fine to work with, comes in brilliant colours and feels good too.

Deramores and Black Sheep Wools are good for a wide variety of yarns at pretty good prices, and if you have a Hobbycraft near you, they do a good range too.

It is worth looking at the tutorials on YouTube, as well as using the book - the two can complement each other. Good luck and happy hooking.

pantshavenames Sun 16-Jun-13 18:08:21

I am full of trepidation about posting here because I have yet to crochet a single thing but succumbed to a book club deal on a nikki trench book that had loads of lush things. I covet making a lovely bag made out of squares but am shock at the price of the wool she recommends. Am I ok with any dk yarn if she talks about dk yarn and is there a nice but cheapish natural yArn I can use rather than acrylic (disclaimer- I only remember really cheap synthetic yarns that made your hair stand on end which is why I reluctant to go synthetic)

CouthyMow Sun 16-Jun-13 10:15:32

Sorry I vanished, I was busy with the DC's... And someone pointed me towards Ravelry!!

My rainbow bunting is coming along great, now have 7 rainbow granny triangles and 2 plain.

PolterGoose Fri 14-Jun-13 19:10:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SallyBear Fri 14-Jun-13 07:41:52

Oooh! Very impressed. I want to do that, are they ones with individual 3D petals? My NEW local wool shop offers coffee mornings three times a week. I think I will go along next week and meet some fellow hookers!wink

RippingYarns Thu 13-Jun-13 22:25:36

i can make flowers grin

<cracks knuckles>

lawks, my fingers ache grin

JollyShortGiant Thu 13-Jun-13 18:48:29

I'm attempting to make a lorry for DS. I've already had two false starts. Not using a pattern, just making it up, so I reckon there'll be a few more problems before I get something I like!

MiaowTheCat Thu 13-Jun-13 18:23:08

Oooh I get paid tomorrow - I'm debating buying nice bright colours and starting an hexagon sofa snuggle thing (thinking if I do the outer run of each one in black they'll join nicely and it'll tone the colour overload down).

Sadly our PALS aren't the greatest (I've tried them before over something else) but my health visitor reckons she has a plan.

I now have a squirming, grunting, unhappy mess of a baby (with one scoop of milk-based formula into the mix) - I forsee a long night and lots of granny squares or online shopping.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 13-Jun-13 17:55:15

that's crap miaow! Sounds like you need to change gp, have you rang PALS?

deramores has 15% off all stylecraft yarn for a week, enter code SCWK at the checkout smile

CouthyMow Thu 13-Jun-13 14:02:39

Have PM'd you, Miaow. You CAN insist on an out if area referral through choose and book, for a second opinion, and they aren't ALLOWED to refuse you that...

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