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Black Sheep Wools 10% off everything today only

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MrsPennyapple Tue 21-May-13 11:29:09

Black Sheep Wools

They don't stock many of the blanket yarns, although they do have the Sublime extra fine merino.

The 10% is off everything, including items already on the clearance page.

Purlywhites Tue 21-May-13 21:47:36

No money sad

StuckOnARollercoaster Tue 21-May-13 21:53:50

Ooh I bought from here a few months ago and then found out it was local to me and so lovely in real life! (I check out the clearance prices online and then go for a rummage!)
Unfortunately I have too much wool at the moment and can't justify any more spending either :-(

MrsPennyapple Tue 21-May-13 22:24:34

I have bought from them at the Knitting and Stitching show a few times, Sara is lovely! I too have a cupboard full of yarn but was powerless to resist the Sirdar Softspun DK. Had my eye on that for so long! I have to admit to feeling a bit guilty, but I'd ordered it by then, it was too late! smile

GemmaTeller Tue 21-May-13 22:31:12

woohoo, and now they have a cafe!!!!!!!

I dont knit much do like to go for a mooch and a fondle!

MrsPennyapple Wed 22-May-13 09:35:14

I'd love to be close enough to visit. But it's perhaps better for my bank balance this way.

GemmaTeller Wed 22-May-13 20:06:21

MrsPennyapple so true, I can see DH shudder when I mention I'm popping to Culcheth grin

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