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Carpet? Wool - what can I do with it?

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SacreBlue Sun 19-May-13 19:40:31

Besides knit a carpet grin

This is two strand polyester type yarn, quite thin, not soft, more of a cord feel to it. I have three huge cones of it but I am short on ideas of what to do with it other than pass it on to sit in someone else's house

I have lots of wool that I use for crochet but having tried knitting this, crocheting it, well it can be done but the result feels like a crusty knitted dishcloth blush

Any ideas?

perhaps actually knitting floor rugs or doormats

ConfusedPixie Sun 19-May-13 21:46:17

Can you use it to knit or knot some garden-y type bits? Not sure what though grin

Or bowls? Triple it up and crochet bowls out of it?

GeraldineAubergine Sun 19-May-13 21:47:52

Make a nest for tits or doormice. Although how, I'm not sure. Macramé perhaps.

EuroShaggleton Sun 19-May-13 21:48:54

As a child, I used to make pompoms with carpet wool.

Make a bag? Waste paper bin?

Any good? I love the decorating the lamp base idea.

SacreBlue Sun 19-May-13 22:48:39

Macramé sounds promising I remember making plants holders with shells/beads a looong time ago I could probably google up a how to..

It's a bit too thin for the lamp base grin @ nest for doormice/bowls as I ink my cats might confuse the two and think they were getting fancy new dinner service

It could do for the making of mat type things but yes it would need doubled or tripled up or anything will take ages.

Do you think it could be used in 'hanks' to weave smallish mats out of? Or would that be too loose to hold? Plaiting it in individual strands is too teeny I would needs a good handful to make any head way mmmmm <thinking>

Maybe some kind of cross over weave/macramé? Knot big hanks together for bulk and weave....

Oh right sorry I had visions of something thicker.

SacreBlue Sun 19-May-13 23:13:45

It's the sort of feel you would expect of something thicker iyswim like tough cord but only the thickness of single ply. It doesn't feel good knitted or crocheted so none of the stuff I usually do (with wool) is going to work.

I'm sort of sorry I took it now without thinking through properly what it could be used for! hoarder tendencies The gardening suggestion pinged up maybe being able to give a cone to the local allotments for twine type jobs

I will have a rough go with plaiting/knotting hanks in the morning and see what the results are, I might still have a macramé magazine likewise hoarded so definitely will try to combine those ideas.

Thank you for the suggestions smile

marissab Mon 20-May-13 07:13:43

How about finding a really lacy or holey bag pattern. It'd look delicate but be really hard wearing.

SacreBlue Mon 20-May-13 20:54:26

Good idea too marissa I have a fav crocheted bag atm smile it would be nice to have another.

Called into work to cover this morning so no trials as yet, I have Wed morning free now so will have a go then

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