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making moulded felt?? anyone

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PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 11:53:05

I have made a moulded bag this morning but now it is drying out I am wondering if i should pack it out with something to help it keep its shape. Anyone know? marina, tamum etc

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 12:14:56

or bundle

tamum Mon 22-May-06 14:35:01

I know that when you felt knitted bags you have to put something inside them to keep their shape while they dry, so I would have said yes. The bag pattern I use a lot is the right size for a cereal box, so it's not packed, just kept in shape. When you finish we need pictures

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 16:11:36

i have one peice on my computer i could email you tamum if you like its not felted though

I have left this one drying flat (still very wet though) will email when it is shrunk and dry

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 16:11:54

i know shrunk isnt really very good grammar[

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 16:12:32

oops and thanks, i will shove some cardboard in it....<toddles off>

tamum Mon 22-May-06 16:16:09

<very taken with the idea of being to email bits of felt>

Yes please, I'd love to see them

tamum Mon 22-May-06 16:16:27

Being able to...

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 16:21:24

ohh I have done it

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