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Pom pom yarn cast off?

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Somersaults Sun 05-May-13 23:27:08

I have a lovely, almost finished, blanket for DD's doll's pram as a trial for a blanket for a newborn gift later this year. I've seen the videos for how to cast off but they all seem to produce either a tight edge that pulls the blanket puckered at the end or a messy edge with too many pompoms.

I've been knitting two stitches inbetween each pompom. Would I be able to knit two together where there are two stitches inbetween the pompoms and cast off on the same row do you think? Would that produce a neat edge? I'm not a massively experienced knitter and so I can't undo things once I've done them so I can't have a go at this and see what it looks like then try again if it doesn't look right! Whatever way I decide to cast off has to stay cast off once it's done so I need to make the right choice!

In my head that'd work but I've not seen it mentioned anywhere online and it seems to simple that I have to assume that my logic is flawed somehow. I don't even have an extra ball of the yarn around to test it out.

Anyone? Ideas? Experience? Anything?!

Somersaults Sun 05-May-13 23:28:01

*too simple.

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 05-May-13 23:35:13

The only time I knitted with pompon wool I started with two stitches and increased until it was a triangle and then decreased until I was back to 2 stitches and the whole thing was a square. <unhelpful>

Could you cast off with ordinary DK wool? It wouldn't show too much with it only being the final cast off row.

Mummybookworm Sun 05-May-13 23:37:43

Hi Somer. Find hulu crafts on youtube. The lady does various Rico tutorials including pom pom.

Somersaults Sun 05-May-13 23:54:11

I saw the Hulu lady on YouTube and the pom pom tutorial was great for cast on and knitting but the cast off just didn't look neat. Everywhere recommends knitting two stitches between each pom pom throughout the work but then only one stitch on the cast off row so you end up with double the amount of pompoms. Throughout the work the pompoms sit in nice neat rows but the cast off row then doesn't sit neatly in line.

Has anyone else cast off anything else by knitting two together and casting off the resulting single stitch?

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