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Help me choose a yarn please!

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LittleBells Sat 04-May-13 18:34:46

I am going to be making a baby blanket and matinee jacket, both in crochet.

I have had some excellent suggestions already for patterns, thanks again to those who replied on my other post, and for yarn, as follows:

Sirdar Baby Bamboo
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
Rowan Amy Butler Belle.

I would like an "heirloom" type yarn (ie something really nice), that washes well, ideally in a machine if necessary but handwash at least, and most importantly, has good drape.

I am halfway through a granny stripe blanket in Artesano Merino which looks great but seems a bit stiff. I am planning on doing a bobble crochet blanket for the "heirloom" and I think that's more drapey pattern than a granny stripe, but does anyone have experience of the above yarns? Can anyone advise which out of the above is the softest or drapiest when made up?

The Amy Butler has some lovely colours but are cotton/cotton mixes a bit stiff/no snuggly?

So many lovely yarns to choose from! Any comments gratefully received as I don't mind spending ££ on yarn for something really special but it's disappointing when it goes stiffer and stiffer as you're making it!!!

Would I be better off looking for a 4-ply or will it be just as stiff, crocheted on smaller hook, as a DK is? confused

Thanks smile

CorrieDale Sat 04-May-13 19:04:35

I love cashmerino! If I could afford it, it would be the only yarn i ever used! baby bamboo is phenomenally drapey but it does pill. In fact if you want smooth and drapey bamboo is generally a really good choice.

LittleBells Sat 04-May-13 19:09:58

Thanks CorrieDale! Is bamboo the sort that pills after wearing or washing or both? The cardigan is unlikely to get much wear but the blanket is likely to get washed (a lot).

So you would say cashmerino is the nicest luxury type yarn but out of cashmerino and bamboo, bamboo is the least stiff/most drapey when crocheted up?

CorrieDale Sat 04-May-13 19:55:27

Both I think. There are other bamboo yarns - I used a gorgeous bamboo tape for a cardi for dd. it didn't pill at all. I think it might be discontinued now but there are other bamboo yarns around. I haven't tried many rowan yarns but they generally seem to be popular. Didn't even know Amy butler did yarn!

fossil971 Tue 07-May-13 11:42:11

I vote Rowan wool cotton for baby blankets, certainly in knitting, not sure regarding crochet as I don't crochet. Not too woolly, not too stringy/cottony, just soft and cuddly and beautiful colours. Washes really well.

If you have problems with stiff fabric are you working too tightly?

LittleBells Tue 07-May-13 22:17:37

Thanks, corriedale and fossil! Great recommendations there for Bamboo and Rowan. (I wonder if Rowan do a Bamboo? Best of both worlds? wink)

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