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help with putting together a craft box for kids

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lastrolo Thu 18-May-06 13:53:13

could anyone give me advice on what to put in a craft box for use by children aged from about 3 to 15, it is for use during a family night for a twinning meal we are hosting for our french guests.

kiwibella Thu 18-May-06 15:47:27

there are lots of ready made kits about... if you didn't want to purchase one of these, maybe see what you like that is in them. I recently bought my daughter a sewing kit for her birthday and put in it needles and thread, a tape measure, scissors, fabric paint, and I'm sure a few other bits and bobs.

ayla99 Thu 18-May-06 18:25:10

If you want to minimise cost, delve into your kitchen cupboards for tin foil, greaseproof paper, cardboard boxes (eg gravy cubes, cereal). cut up old clothes for a variety of fabrics & textures, buttons & wool.
save packing from parcels - bubble wrap, packing wotsits or chips etc. cut up old catalogues, magazines.

Provide scissors, pva glue & spreaders, pencils(coloured & 2b)/crayons, oil pastels/felt tips & a variety of paper.

Discount shops can be useful source for cheap wrapping paper, tissue paper, wallpaper roll, paper plates etc

You can get packs of feathers, googly eyes & funky foam etc from art shops or take a look at these for inspiration:

Recommend plenty of newspaper or plastic tablecloth.

hope the kids have fun!

peachyClair Thu 18-May-06 19:24:31

A friend of mine makes these and manages to make a profit for £2 apack so must befairly easy- she uses lots of wool , lolly sticks, makes little card blanks herself, puts in savers crayons, cheapo pritt style sticks (about a £1 for six in the range)- BTW did everyone know the Range are going online with their crafts in july- a couple stickers, maybe a wordsearch if older kids. She adds feathers and paint too (the idea being you can paint with the feather) but maybe not at a public event LOL!

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