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Sewing box

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lisad123everybodydancenow Tue 30-Apr-13 21:12:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fossil971 Tue 30-Apr-13 21:20:03

I've given up on fitting everything into one box but I do have a sewing basket for essentials: scissors, pins tapes etc. I find a couple of these very useful and I've labelled the drawers: e.g. buttons, bobbins, knitting needles.

Then fabric in a suitcase, and some more Ikea boxes for ribbons, zips, etc. And magazine files for magazines/patterns.

harbinger Wed 01-May-13 18:02:16

Try fishing boxes! Strange but they have loads of little compartments. Try Angling Direct or something to see what's around.

Standard sewing boxes soon become inadequate.

HellesBelles396 Thu 02-May-13 21:58:39

I have an old jewellery box for my threads, a large box for fabrics and a wash-bag for the day-to-day sewing bits (scissors, stitch-rippers, etc). Kilner jars contain buttons, tape measures, zips, etc.

bit of a hodge-podge really.

LatteLady Thu 02-May-13 22:17:40

I agree with Harbinger... I have two fishing tackle boxes which work really well smile

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 03-May-13 14:16:42

I use a tool box which sounds similar to the fishing box idea, not very pretty but does the trick smile

harbinger Fri 03-May-13 18:36:08

I second The Ninja. I was doing some DIY now the sun has come out and had to root through DH's tool box. Again loads of little compartments. They are not pretty though.

If a plain wooden box can become a sewing box, why not a plastic box?

Creative paint; glue,padding and material, I do't know.....

patchworkchick Fri 03-May-13 19:59:01

I have a hankering for a vintage 1960's sewing box, they fold out like a car mechanics box and can be found on Ebay. Although I use a picnic basket.

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