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Roman socks

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RiaOverTheRainbow Sun 21-Apr-13 20:12:56

I've recently joined a Roman reenactment group, and when they found out I knit everyone wanted me to make them socks as it's hard to get hold of authentic ones. I blithely agreed to make them loads (and earn a few pennies with it if I'm lucky) but can I find a pattern?

The best link I've found tells me the Romans didn't even knit, they used 'naalbinding' which seems to be a sort of crochet. Can anyone give me any tips on it, or finding authentic patterns?

Here's a picture if anyone's interested.

riskit4abiskit Sun 21-Apr-13 21:47:53

You could phone the vindolanda tourist site and ask there, its famous for all the shoes they found so maybe the archeologists might know?

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sun 21-Apr-13 21:48:12

Instructions on Naalbinding socks

That's the best thing I've written all day!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sun 21-Apr-13 21:49:38

Lot's of things on it here on Craftster too

tribpot Sun 21-Apr-13 21:55:12

Have you thought about tweeting Mary Beard? Seriously - the woman will know the answer to the question if anyone does!

I'm assuming you came across this article which refers to crossed knitting or single-needle knitting. This has a video on it - which looks to correspond to Neo's naalbinding link.

RiaOverTheRainbow Sun 21-Apr-13 22:25:57

Thanks everyone! I hadn't thought to look for videos, that definitely helps, and great idea about asking the experts.

Now I think it looks like making friendship bracelets with a needle, which is less daunting grin

tribpot Sun 21-Apr-13 22:48:29

Yes, I'm quite intrigued by it smile

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