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WAHM ... Calling all *Work At Home Mum's*

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blueamema Mon 15-May-06 21:22:57

Hi... just wondering whether there are any work at home mum's out there?? What is your skill? what do you make??
I am mum to 8 mths Emma and am setting up an eBay shop and website in the not to distant future/have resigned from my teaching job!!! to work on the sewing machine from home!!!


Steppy1 Mon 15-May-06 21:25:58

...good luck with your new venture bluemema...I am a WAHM but not the creative type I'm afraid...the only thing that I like to try and money !!!!!!! It's always a struggle though as everything I make goes back into the business as any mum who runs her own business will probably tell you !!

blueamema Mon 15-May-06 21:31:50

Or to eBay in my case!!!
Thanks for the support x

bettythebuilder Mon 15-May-06 21:37:32

I set up my own business in January, so am also new to the wopld of WAHM-dom. It will be a long time before profit is made, because like steppy1 everything goes back in the business for materials, etc.
I think you have to very disciplined and not take rejection personally!

bettythebuilder Mon 15-May-06 21:38:11

be very disciplined!

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