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Thomcat Mon 15-May-06 13:10:06

My lovely Argentian friend rang me at the weekend to tell me she is coming to London from Botswana for 3 months in Dec. She is an artist and while here she would like to do a short art course or rent part of a studio and work with some other artists. Do any of you girls know any couses / artists, any info at all, that I can pass her when she calls me back on Friday.


Thomcat Mon 15-May-06 21:53:58

Anyone there? Anyone????

Pixiefish Mon 15-May-06 21:56:31

Whereabouts will she be Thomcat? You may get some more localised answers

Thomcat Mon 15-May-06 22:24:59

She's staying in Harrow, Middlesex, within easy reach of London. Sorry I did say but it got a bit lost.

JayzMummy Mon 15-May-06 22:46:19 about contacting your local College of Further Ed....the art tutor would know of local studio's/courses in the area.


Thomcat Mon 15-May-06 22:54:03

Thanks jayzmummy. I'll do that.

If anyone else knows of any particular courses in london that might be good, or if anyone has an artist friend my mate can get in email contact with that would also be great.

PinkKerPlink Wed 17-May-06 08:15:40

did you find anything?

I know of a few things down in kent, if that helps at all

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