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Starting to make my own clothes?

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Whoateallthecheese Thu 11-Apr-13 10:06:58

I've been learning to sew for the last few months on an old sewing machine. I've made bunting, cushions, bags, the usual stuff...and I'd quite like to have a go at trying to make some clothes but I don't really know where to start or if I should keep going at the 'basics' for a bit longer. I'm horribly impatient and just want to get onto the exciting stuff!

So I just wondered if you could give me any advice - should I keep going for a bit longer at the simple stuff before I get going with clothes? I'm an alright sewer now but wouldn't say I'm brilliant.

How should I get started? Is there something very simple I can sew that I can't mess up too badly?

Are there any books I can get that might help? Or blogs I can look at for inspiration?

TIA for taking the time to read/reply.

Dutchoma Thu 11-Apr-13 10:28:42

I would get a paper pattern from a 'so simple' range. Might not be quite called that, but most of the paper pattern manufacturers have them.
Look on the envelope how many pattern pieces there are for the garment you want to make. Choose one that has no more than four pattern pieces to begin with.
Then get some not to expensive material to make that garment. It will tell you on the envelope how much that is and what width to get.
When you have both, open the envelope and find instructions and the pieces you need. There may be multiple sizes in the envelope. Find your size and cut that size out of the paper pattern and iron them. Iron your material. The instructions will tell you how to put the pattern pieces on the material. Follow carefully. Observe the arrows on the paper pattern. If you get stuck come back here.

Pin the paper pieces on the material with dress making pins. Then leave it for a bit before you cut it out. The first cutting out is scary and you may like to ask a friend to help you. After that it is no more difficult than making a cushion cover. Make sure you iron your seams and finish them.
You will have your first garment in no time at all.
Best of luck.

Whoateallthecheese Thu 11-Apr-13 11:31:16

Thank you, Dutchoma, that's fantastic advice, really appreciate the time you took to write such a long reply!

Dutchoma Thu 11-Apr-13 11:40:45

Let me know how you get on.

LeFlaneur Thu 11-Apr-13 15:32:01

I am learning to sew too and have just bought this pattern to make a dress for DD:
It will be my first attempt at making proper clothing but I thought it would be simpler to start with kids stuff. Do you have any children, OP? There are some free tutorials/patterns on the net that look quite straightforward.

LeFlaneur Thu 11-Apr-13 15:41:27

If you are looking for clothes for yourself, Simplicity are selling patterns half price and there is a section called 'getting started' that explains the patterns to you. I think there is also a range of patterns called Simplicity Easy for beginners.

Dutchoma Thu 11-Apr-13 16:15:36

I'm afraid I don't quite agree that a child's pattern is easier than a grown up one as it can be quite fiddly. The s
Simplicity patterns for the skirt and the dress look quite easy as there are just a few seams to do and maybe a ip to sew in, all of which are explained in the instructions

pj bottoms are a good start because you don't need to wear them in public.

I believe the key is really to treat each project as a learning experience and not as an end project.

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