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Donating cross stitch threads to charity?

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Snowflakepie Thu 04-Apr-13 16:40:31

I've had a hunt online and all the charity groups I found want completed pictures for blankets etc. I have a ton of old threads that really I am never going to get around to using. They are a mix of brands, some from kits and some dmc and anchor. Very few have numbers with them, many have been cut into usable lengths and wound onto bobbins but the numbers don't match up there either! They are all in good condition and I have no doubt that someone with more time than me would make good use of them! Can anyone point me in the right direction please! I am happy to post them within the UK. TIA.

Smudge588 Thu 04-Apr-13 18:35:38

our charity shop takes them and sells them on. they just have a big basket.

motherofvikings Thu 04-Apr-13 18:39:07

I bet the local primary would have them. We always had loads of binca (?) but never enough nice colours of threads to make sewing enjoyable for the dc. Who wants to cross stitch etc in many shades of brown and grey? smile

CamperWidow Sat 06-Apr-13 19:27:19

Ooh! I'll take them!!!
We've just started a craft club and are on the scrounge for whatever we can get!! We have, courtesy of Woolfy on the share the love thread, got a few kits and patterns and I'll gladly take anything anyone has spare!!!

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