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Just been given my mums bernina - is it okay to use without service?

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Molehillmountain Thu 04-Apr-13 13:48:48

I'm pretty excited - it's her "new" machine (1985 grin). She hasn't really used it for ten years since she made my bridesmaids' dresses. Will it be okay to have a play with it now? Or should I wait until I get it serviced? I'm also dead chuffed that I've got the "old" (1972!) machine too-I have lent it to several people and it's got some of them sewing because they haven't had to be too brave and buy a machine for their first project. But if I did sell one, is there a market for old machines?

happyis Thu 04-Apr-13 22:22:08

Lucky you! I sew on my Mums very old Bernina that was already about 20yrs old when she bought it 2nd hand in the 80's. You really cannot beat them. They are all metal parts, easy to find replacement parts (I have had to get a couple of bits from ebay) and sew brilliantly. Sometimes I would love a modern machine with all the fancy extras like needle down postion, thread cutter, fancy stitches etc but I know I would be dissapointed with the way it sews.

I would get it serviced just because it hasnt been used for so long but i doubt you would cause it any harm by having a go as they are so sturdy. I would try giving it an oil first, on the Bernina US website, you can download some of the older model service guides. My exact number wasnt on there so I just used one that was a couple of digits out. the guide shows you where to oil your machine and basic maintenence.

Just one point to be aware of, Berninas are designed so that you shouldnt have to set the tension. I have to adjust mine very occasionally and it is VERY sensitive, I just turn it about 1mm at a time.

Berninas still go for a good price on ebay because they are such well made machines and they still make all the extras like feet.

They're keepers!

DeafLeopard Thu 04-Apr-13 22:48:14

I didn't realise that sewing machines needed to be serviced blush so used mine on and off for 20 years without it being serviced, so I think you'll be fine to use it but it is worth getting it done.

It is very easy to do - DH downloaded a service manual from somewhere and set to with the sewing machine oil. Basically he cleaned all the lint and dust out of it and oiled the moving parts.

It works so much better now.

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