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I have just "inherited"; my mother's button tin

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SoupDragon Wed 03-Apr-13 14:57:46

[happy sigh]

I say "inherited" but she is alive and well grin

I am rummaging through it looking for the old favourites that were there when I was a child...

SoupDragon Sun 07-Apr-13 17:47:14

Sounds really dodgy lovely smile

Dingle Mon 08-Apr-13 19:06:53

I had a cuppa with my mum today and after a week of decorating, I was rather more relaxed and was sitting stamping images. I told her about my bunting idea and some how the conversation turned to buttons! shock

My mum still has my Great Grandmothers button tin, in fact she said she had looked through it fairly recently. My mum mentioned the fact that little groups of buttons had been threaded together using scraps of wool that we'd all had hand knitted jumpers with when we were younger. I think a trip down memory lane is called for when the DC are back at school. grin

bluebump Mon 08-Apr-13 19:22:38

I need a good tin for my buttons, I have my eye on my DS's M&S gingerbread ones but he's using them. At the moment I have them in these jars as they look quite vintage like when empty (and run through the dishwasher a few times, as to me a vegetarian they smell gross!) grin

Dingle Mon 08-Apr-13 19:48:01

I have some of mine in colour coordinated jars from Douwe Egbert's coffee. LOL

I like mine in the gingerbread man one, especially as it has three buttons on the front.

Went to Hobbycraft today and couldn't resist spending £3 on a bag of mixed buttons. Also, asked a friend who works in a charity shop if her shop kept buttons and she said yes it did and not only that would I like her recently deceased MILs button collection as she didn't want it.

dothraki Mon 08-Apr-13 20:10:33

WhoKnows I have button envy

UniqueAndAmazing Tue 09-Apr-13 21:33:52

this is how the correct ettiquette is.

1: say "I need a set of buttons I will look in the button tin"
2: look in the button tin.
3: run your fingers through the buttons in the tin
4: tip the tin out onto the floor/mat/table
5: rummage through, stroking, feeling, touching
6: remember all the buttons you'd forgotten
7: match sets of buttons and put them all together.
8: declare that there isn't a complete set for your project
9: go to the haberdasherer's and buy a set of buttons (ie. you need 5 vuttons but you buy 6 or even 7)
10: complete your project and put the spare buttons in the tin.

Molehillmountain Tue 09-Apr-13 23:34:21

Those are pretty much my rules for any kind of stash! Yarn, fabric, ribbon-insert as applicable with a bit less fondling and rummaging than for buttons grin

rockinhippy Tue 09-Apr-13 23:50:30

grin my rules too - hence why I have a ridiculously big cloth stashblush

dothraki Wed 10-Apr-13 07:54:41

yy Unique - I might even get the button tin out today - just to play with them grin

SoupDragon Wed 10-Apr-13 08:01:09

I had a rummage through mine last night to find eyes for a small felted owl smile

dothraki Wed 10-Apr-13 08:24:05

Soup did that take you right back to the 70's ? grin

MERLYPUSS Wed 10-Apr-13 08:40:54

My mums (still at dads house) is an old blubird toffee tin. I have already said I will have it when he snuffs it smile. That and the tea caddy which I used to pretend was a bird cage as it had a handle that I could swing about.
(I even look out for buttons at bootsales)

SoupDragon Wed 10-Apr-13 09:38:19

No, Dothraki as I had to rummage through the tin I created - I couldn't bring myself to use something from The Tin Of History grin

I chose little grey buttons from one of DDs old school cardigans.

dothraki Wed 10-Apr-13 09:59:14

Soup - Button Hoarder Enabler
So you have The Tin Of History
Soups Original Tin Of Modernity
I must up my game
I have my DM's Tin Of History - with emphasis on 50's and 60's.
Today I will start
21st Century Tin for DD - an excuse to cut buttons off stuff and chuck clothes in the bin shock
Homage To History Tin for GD grin - these are going in a Jubilee shortbread tin (its only a small tin)

SoupDragon Wed 10-Apr-13 10:43:42

I'm sure I will be able to use things form the Tin of History one day. Just the dull buttons that I have no memory of.

SoupDragon Wed 10-Apr-13 10:44:52

To be far to my tin, it does have old buttons in it as well as modern stuff but I bought them on Ebay as a job lot grin

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 10-Apr-13 11:14:16

I have DH's mum's tin of buttons.
It was full of all random crap too, so I got a jar to put all the random crap in and then put all the lovely buttons back in the tin.
and then took photos of it in an artistic type way.

MarinaIvy Wed 10-Apr-13 12:07:06

Jealous, even though I have my own! And my grandma's trim boxes,a nd even her old pinking shears!

I've been unhappy with my MN name for a while, am thinking about changing it to "AllTheFabricHereIsMine".

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 10-Apr-13 12:20:02

that's a good name smile

nkf Wed 10-Apr-13 12:37:22

I feel quite teary at this thread. My mother was a tailoress and half my childhood memories are haberdashery related. She had a button tin to die for.

nkf Wed 10-Apr-13 12:39:46

Do you think you can start one? To me, it's the way they grew out of make do and mend and all that makes them so special. They weren't art or designed to be nostalgic. And yet, I want a button tin right now.

nkf Wed 10-Apr-13 12:43:42

Some of these links are superb.

nkf Wed 10-Apr-13 12:47:20

You can't use them. They are the leftovers. And it must be a tin. One of those quite hard to open Quality Street tins.

There should be an exhibition of buttons hosted. A MN exhibition.

Lilymaid Wed 10-Apr-13 12:47:39

I have inherited my mother's sewing box but unfortunately my DB must have thrown out the tin when he was clearing the house ... no sense that man!
I can remember spending happy hours sorting and resorting the buttons when I was a child.
The tin wasn't Quality Street but was for some other confectionery (probably going back to the 1950s).

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