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Anyone else going to join me on the Sewing Bee watch?

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flubba Tue 02-Apr-13 20:06:36

A bit excited about it



RueDeWakening Tue 23-Apr-13 21:10:45

I'd have loved Lauren to win, but on the day Ann did a better job. It'll be interesting to see what they do in the next series, can't wait!

TheOneWithTheHair Tue 23-Apr-13 21:22:39

Are you going to go for it Rue. Please say yes. grin

TheOneWithTheHair Tue 23-Apr-13 21:23:30

? <---- That's my missing question mark. blush

coffeeinbed Tue 23-Apr-13 21:31:38

Go Rue.
We'll be nice about your topstitching.

nipersvest Tue 23-Apr-13 22:06:29

i wanted lauren to win purely because i felt it would help encourage younger people to take up sewing, appeal to the yoof a bit more. there's no doubt over ann's skills, i just felt the things lauren made, i would wear.

flubba Tue 23-Apr-13 22:08:32

Hello ladies - only just managed to catch up on it so had to avoid this thread while I watched it so I didn't see who won. I agree Ann deserved to win, though I would have liked to have seen Lauren win - that dress was beautiful, though her bag was a bit dodge smile

So RueDe - you applying for next series ? smile

TolliverGroat Tue 23-Apr-13 22:27:58

Overall Lauren was let down by her lack of experience. Before the series she'd never made clothes for anyone except herself. She'd never made fly-front trousers. She'd never made a man's shirt. It's a tribute to her natural talent that in spite of that she gave Ann a close race, but winning outright would have required a truly immense learning curve and a lot of luck.

But I'd like to see where Lauren's skills are when she's been sewing for seventy-six years, not least because that would mean I was still alive aged 95...

I've found Lauren's blog, by the way.

PigeonPie Tue 23-Apr-13 23:04:56

Gosh - I've finally finished reading the thread and just finished watching the final. It's really inspired me to get sewing again and I've even cut out a toile for some trousers as I'm an extremely odd shape.

Was also wondering if there would be a take up if I set up a Bee in a village hall in north Oxfordshire?

flubba Wed 24-Apr-13 06:26:05

Nice idea Pigeon ~ I'd come if I lived close enough! smile I've thought about trying to do something similar, the only problem you'd have is everyone would have to lug their stuff their every time you meet.

Ambridge Wed 24-Apr-13 09:43:53

I'm glad Ann won. It was the only possible outcome really - she was the best seamstress by miles. Yes, she had a head start in terms of experience, but mixing very experienced with less practised sewers was the format, and the best person had to win, full stop.

I can absolutely see that her skills are dauntingly good and that Lauren was a better role model in terms of her willingness to take on challenges, but as someone said, there were loads of things Lauren had never made before and which really showed up her tendency to panic and be slapdash (and burst into tears). In a way Ann's experience showed most in her calmness and careful preparation, again as has been said.

My real beef is with this nonsensical claim that they were 'Britain's best amateur sewers'. They weren't - they were a group chosen by the TV company - only from the self-selecting bunch of people who'd applied - who'd be as 'entertaining' as possible. Britain's 'best' sewers would all have skills similar to, or even superior to, Ann's....which wouldn't make for good

fossil971 Wed 24-Apr-13 10:52:02

Have just watched it on iplayer - I can dare look at Facebook now. So pleased that Ann won but it was a brilliant final with compliments to all three. I think I'm going to hunt down Lauren's shop. I'm also quite chuffed that all three are local to me in the Midlands - I wonder was that the production company or are we the heartland of stitching expertise? (It always used to be said that Nottingham's girls were the best turned out because they all worked in the clothes trade)

I really hope there's another series and a few more craft and stitching shows to come rather than all that desperate cookery.

I think I'd struggle to think of a person I know with better sewing skills than Ann - my mum would be up there with her though!

EffieTheDuck Wed 24-Apr-13 11:01:35

I have not watched the final yet but am delighted to read that Ann won. It would have been very helpful if we had an insight into her techniques eg the hessian padding in the jacket, levelling out uneven shoulders or the precise tacking which had me intrigued.
Does anyone have the book? Does it give advice?

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 12:11:03

Pigeon - when you get your perfect fit, copy out your pattern onto cardboard.
(not boxes, but the thicker crafting card- you can get it in sheets from art shops).
then you've always got a Block and you can alter the design next time if you want.

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 12:17:42

i knew ann would win - she was consistently excellent throughout.

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 12:21:07

Ambridge - exactly.
my mum is better than Sandra.

my mum is also from Nottingham grin

she can do amazing things with scraps of fabrics.

TunipTheVegedude Wed 24-Apr-13 12:25:37

I think you're probably right about the Midlands, actually. It seems plausible. Even though hardly anyone works in the clothing industry now, these skills very much do get handed down through the family. And if there are more keen sewers there will be more fabric shops, more evening classes, more chance of having proper sewing teaching at school, so even for someone who doesn't come from a family with inherited sewing skills, it will be easier for them to pick it up.

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 13:10:32

oooh, is that Lauren's shop?
I looked at her fabric shop online the other day.
how lovely smile

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 13:16:20

right, what's the thing called that they make the rouleou straps with?

Soupa Wed 24-Apr-13 13:20:14

Effie you need a book that is called something like an insight into couture techniques. Can't remember the sure Google willsmile

RueDeWakening Wed 24-Apr-13 13:25:35

I went to a baby wearing sling meet this morning and came out of it with an order for a reversible sunhat like the one DS was wearing, and an enquiry about whether I'd considered offering sewing lessons shockgrin

Just need to get this baby out and see what happens I guess! It's lovely that there seems to be so much more interest though.

cate16 Wed 24-Apr-13 13:46:21

UniqueAndAmazing - just use very thin piping-cord and zipper foot.

Attach end of cord VERY securely to end of bias, then tuck cord inside and seam using zipper foot, pulling the bias as you sew.... then pull the cord through.
Pin one end of turn strap to ironing board- then 'hover steam' and gently pull and roll (like you would a rolling pin) the steamed strap.

This makes a very even rouleou strap. Then

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 13:49:16

thanks Cate, but I really want to make the straps.

UniqueAndAmazing Wed 24-Apr-13 13:51:35

oh, i see what you mean!
sorry blush

i read it as using cord for the straps instead of rouleu! blush

I totally missed the entire of the 2nd half of the 2nd sentence.

BunnyValentine Wed 24-Apr-13 13:59:44

Unique it's a loop turner you want smile. They are on Ebay.

cate16 Wed 24-Apr-13 14:06:28

Yes I didn't explain it well smile

The cord is used a size guide... makes it a very even strap.
By steaming, pulling and rolling - you can make the most skinniest of straps.

You do need to be care not to catch the cord with the zipper foot when sewing the lenght though.. so this method is better for more experienced sewers smile

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