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Dd loves craft and harry potter

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springsummer2001 Tue 02-Apr-13 19:30:53

My DD (12) loves art and craft (and anything harry potter) she has drawn a couple of pictures of Hermione Granger and even tryed to draw the hogwarts crest. They are actually pretty good although her pen drawing of Hermione is a bit smudged (dd is left handed). She wants to do more things and not just drawings. Any suggestions for something she could make ( to do with Harry Potter) as she is finding it difficult to find something to make and has searched the Internet loads and has not found any inspiration. It would also help if your suggestion had a link so I can show her it.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Tue 02-Apr-13 23:00:03

Here... Craftster is a brilliant art and craft sharing site with a big load of HP stuff on there.

people share what they make and give instructions and advice. I popped "Harry Potter" into their search engine and loads came up!

I saved this on Pinterest as I thought the Howler was cool:

Leaky Cauldron site. Don't know if there's much else of interest on there.

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